Published April 2023

Noboru Watanabe

Riviera Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman and President

Noboru Watanabe

winter charm
Thoughts on my hometown overlooking Mt. Fuji

I love Sagami Bay in winter, when the water becomes clearer and Mt. Fuji appears in the clear, high sky, and the cold air helps me think more clearly. The other day, I had a chance to watch the sunrise from the sea. We enjoyed a special moment of just 10 minutes, when a gentle pale yellow light began to leak from the eastern sky and the snow-capped Mt. Fuji turned pale pink.
I have special feelings towards Mt. Fuji. The view of Mt. Fuji from my hometown, Lake Kawaguchi, is also special.
Until I graduated from high school, looking up at Mt. Fuji from the foothills was a part of my life. When I saw Mt. Fuji from an airplane, I thought to myself, ``I'm back home.'' These days I'm already feeling nostalgic for the time before the coronavirus, when I spent half of the year overseas.

Designated management of Shonan Port
Expanding the charm of Sagami Bay

Now, Shonan Port management work will begin this April.
Enoshima, the symbol of Shonan and the site of two Olympic Games, is the gateway to Japan for yachtsmen from around the world.
As owners of Riviera Zushi Marina and Riviera Seabornia Marina, we have operated marinas that consider Sagami Bay from a "plane" perspective, rather than from a "point" perspective. Riviera has been appointed by Kanagawa Prefecture to manage Shonan Port, a harbor in Enoshima located in the center of Sagami Bay. We will continue to work hard to further deepen coastal cooperation and spur revitalization that fully takes advantage of the charm of Sagami Bay.
From November to December last year, we were able to hold the ``11rd LOVE OCEAN'' with the support of the mayors of 12 municipalities along the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition, as the first step in the Shonan Blue Carbon project, Japan's first seaweed bed restoration within a marina has begun. The Blue Carbon Belt Initiative aims to connect these activities that contribute to decarbonization into a belt. Together with green carbon solar power generation in Ehime Prefecture, we will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.
We have also concluded a partnership agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture to protect the richness of Sagami Bay.

We are looking forward to 3 times as many applications!
sustainable movement

This is the third time that the "Riviera SDGs Manga Award Exhibition" will be held in February. A total of 2 entries were received from 3 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa. This is more than three times the previous number. The people who submitted their works were from ages 35 to 1446, passionately expressing their aspirations for the future. Governor Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture and the heads of local governments will also participate as presenters at the award ceremony.
The circle of sympathy for the sustainable movement is steadily expanding across regions and generations. I'm very happy to be able to witness that.

94 years in Ikebukuro
Weaving history and evolving

Asazo and Machi Horie, the founders of the restaurant Hakuunkaku, the predecessor of Riviera Tokyo (Nishi-Ikebukuro), which is celebrating its 73rd year, moved to Tokyo from Fukushima in 1929 and founded a firewood and charcoal wholesaler that has grown to become one of the largest in Tokyo. I chose Ikebukuro 4-chome. We have been a member of this beloved Ikebukuro community for a long time. In addition, we have been loved by customers in the Johoku region of Tokyo, and have carved out history by valuing good old things.
Riviera's philosophy of weaving history and evolving together with our customers is not limited to Ikebukuro, but is also moving forward with the same spirit in Zushi, Miura, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

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