Published April 2023

Transcends regions and generations
sustainable movement

The public exhibition "Riviera SDGs Works/Manga Award" was held at Riviera Zushi Marina. This is an award that has been ongoing since 2020 as part of the Riviera Future Creation Project, with the aim of expanding the base of the sustainable movement. Last year's second competition received 2 entries, mainly from elementary, junior high and high school students, but this year, with the motto of "leaving no one behind," a new "SDGs Senryu Award" was added, and the number was triple that of the previous year. We received over 410 applications. Applicants came from a wide range of ages, from 3 years old to 1 years old, from 446 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and submitted unique and wonderful works full of diversity.
SDGs works related to the environment accounted for over 55% of the total, with ``Protecting the richness of the ocean'' accounting for over 37%, which is unique to Japan, which is surrounded by the sea. We believe that we can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by working hand in hand with many people through our ``LOVE OCEAN'' initiative, which protects the ocean environment while promoting its appeal. In addition, the children's entries, which are global and approachable from a wide range of perspectives, such as the growing global awareness of gender and the situation in Ukraine, have evoked deep thoughts and resonated with many adults.

Riviera SDGs Works/Manga Award Exhibition

Grand award ceremony attended by governors and mayors

An award ceremony will be held on February 5th during the exhibition period. Numerous awards were presented by presenters including the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, the mayors and boards of education of Toshima Ward, Miura City, Yokosuka City, Hayama Town, Zushi City, Kamakura City, and Fujisawa City, as well as companies and organizations.

Riviera SDGs Works/Manga Award Ceremony

Think in another dimension and face tasteless and odorless enemies

Yasujiro Shiraishi, a marine adventurer who sails around the world's oceans, passionately spoke at a lecture after the award ceremony about changes in the marine environment and the importance of taking action for Generation Z, who will carry the future. .
"In the 40s, the sea had a foul odor and was so dirty that anyone who swam in it would get oily.Therefore, there was a high level of awareness of the problem, and as a result of countermeasures taken, it now looks very clean. There is a troublesome enemy in the ocean. It is invisible, tasteless and odorless microplastic. However, if you shout out your passionate desire to protect the earth and take action, we will definitely solve the problem. I believe it can be done. I want you to think on a completely different level from what the adults who created this environmental problem are thinking.

R Next Summit 2023 Children's voices that move adults

"R Next" is a community aimed at supporting Generation Z. "R Next Summit 2023" will also be held with the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, the Mayor of Zushi, the Mayor of Hayama, and Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi as panelists. Eight Generation Z children stood on the same platform and shared their thoughts for the future and their own actions as "Gen Z teachers." When the Mayor of Hayama served as a facilitator at the last summit, the ``Activity to abolish plastic straws for school milk'' made by 8th grade children became a hot topic, and in response to this, Hayama Town began implementing biomass straws in April of this year. It was announced that the switch to I am very happy that we have come up with such wonderful initiatives by thinking about the SDGs together, regardless of position or generation. Seeing how the information communicated at the Riviera SDGs Works and Manga Awards and the R Next Summit led to concrete actions, I once again felt the significance of this initiative.

R Next Summit

Front right: Kanagawa Prefecture Governor Yuji Kuroiwa
Front left: Marine adventurer Kojiro Shiraishi
Back right: Mr. Satoru Kirigaya, Mayor of Zushi
Back left: Hayama Town Mayor Takahito Yamanashi

Lecture by Kojiro Shiraishi

Lecture by Kojiro Shiraishi

SDGs backyard tour

SDGs backyard tour

From a Gen Z speaker who won the Work/Manga Award

``I want people to know more about the current situation where people's actions affect the environmental burden.'' ``Using the wisdom of our predecessors as a hint, we want to make the SDGs easier for everyone to understand, including those who don't know about them or find them difficult.'' ``I want to create a future where there is no war and where all fish, animals, and plants can live in harmony.''


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