Published April 2023

Fresh green season
Feel the endless fresh breeze

I visited Kenchoji Temple, a temple packed with history, culture, and specialties, during the season when the young leaves glistened in the early summer sunlight. This Zen temple is located 15 minutes by car from Riviera Zushi Marina and is ranked No. XNUMX in Kamakura's Gozan. When you practice Zen, you will be freed from various dependencies and bondages, your mind will be aligned, and your thinking will become sharper.
In order to reach the state of enlightenment, monks say that by doing the training in front of them with all their might, they will have no time to think about unnecessary things and their mind will be calm. I once again realized that this is also connected to the feeling of just feeling the wind on the ocean, which I love, and one of Riviera's philosophies of ``polishing.'' By becoming mushin, you will be able to calm your mind and refine your humanity.
I really felt that the ``infinite fresh breeze'' is created by the state of the human heart and the power of the place. This spirituality transcends national and cultural differences, and continues to touch our hearts even after 770 years.

Fight beyond the age barrier
Tiger's tireless efforts

Jon Rahm, who won the highly competitive golf festival "Masters 4" held in April, is also the winner of this year's "Genesis Invitational" held at Riviera Country Club (RCC). ``There is no golf course other than RCC that does not have Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus on the list of winners.It is a tremendous honor to win at RCC,'' Rahm said in praise of RCC. I heard this with great pride.
Tiger said, ``Twenty years ago, I thought I could hit the pin even from 20 yards short.Nowadays, I can't do the same things as young players, but there are things I can do because I have gained experience.I want to do that as hard as I can.If possible, I would like to pass the qualifying round. I will do my best to break into the top ranks."
I have known Tiger for 31 years. He was 16 and I was 43. I think it's really cool that he overcame injuries from a serious accident and continues to take on challenges as he gets older. Tiger is one of the people I respect the most because he loves golf, works hard for the golf world, and continues to be a dedicated player.

Employees are family
continue to take on challenges together

The large wooden sailing ship ``Sinara'' launched in 6, which took six and a half years to complete its restoration, and the state-of-the-art boat SWAN 1927 ``Qualia Riviera'' go out to sea almost every week with crews selected from employees. Masu. I place myself in the midst of the overflowing energy of nature and cherish the time I spend talking with them. From me, she talks about the Riviera's ism and what she has experienced and felt. My employees are like family to me, like my children and grandchildren. It brings me joy to watch them grow and grow in the ocean breeze.
Our ideas and philosophy remain unchanged. And the challenge of change continues.

Riviera Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman and President

Noboru Watanabe

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