Published April 2022


Experience the extraordinary at a marina with music

On a sunny spring day that wiped away any concerns about rain the day before, Riviera Zushi Marina's popular event ``Adult Series'' was held for the first time at Riviera Seabornia Marina. Located in the calm Koajiro Bay at the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula, this is a private resort that truly feels like a hideaway. Among them, participants and their beloved dogs, all dressed in white, gathered at a special poolside area that is usually closed to the public, with a spectacular view of the horizon, Mt. Fuji, and the sunset across the yacht harbor.

Vocalists and a live band softly sing nostalgic hit numbers from the 70's to the 90's. The marina was filled with music from noon when rehearsals began, and the sea surface sparkled as the early summer sun reflected, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Once the party started, the participants lost themselves in the rhythm and had a relaxing time.

The ``Swedish Torch'' area is a sustainable bonfire made from thinned wood, where even first-timers can have a lively conversation while warming themselves with a glass of wine. While being soothed by the gentle flickering of the flames and watching the ever-changing color of the sky, we enjoyed spending time outdoors with food served in white dinner boxes and alcoholic beverages such as champagne and mulled wine.

Riviera Seabornia

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