Published April 2022

Noboru Watanabe

Riviera Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman and President

Noboru Watanabe

At Riviera Zushi Marina
Asia's first international certification

This April, Riviera Zushi Marina received Blue Flag certification, the world's oldest international certification system, by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an international NGO headquartered in Denmark. It has been 4 years since we took over this marina. Obtaining this certification is the culmination of all the steady efforts we have made to date.
It is the first marina in Asia to receive Blue Flag certification. We have received recognition from all over the world as ``Asia's only sustainable marina.'' We are very pleased that we have been able to overcome the high sustainability hurdles required by the international community.
Boats homeported in certified marinas are permitted to fly the blue flag. Owners of boats at Riviera Zushi Marina who have signed the declaration are also uniquely qualified. I hope this made you feel proud.
Blue Flag certification must be re-examined and renewed every year. Riviera will continue to work hard as a company. We would like to ask all the owners for their support and continued support.

A double masterpiece along with Synara.
"Qualia RIVIERA"

"Qualia RIVIERA" (SWAN5), which had its launch ceremony in May, is the latest model of Nautor's Swan, for which Riviera Resort is the exclusive sales agent in Japan. It is the ``most elegant, beautiful, and safe yacht'' that enthusiasts around the world aspire to.
It is exhilarating to drive across the ocean on the Qualia RIVIERA, which is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology. Along with the large wooden sailing ship ``Sinara'' launched in the UK in 1927, ``Qualia RIVIERA'' is one of Riviera's finest ships.
The sight of old and new famous boats with different concepts running gracefully through Sagami Bay is a true romantic experience of the sea.
Since the age of 70, I have become so obsessed with sailing that I introduce myself as ``my hobby is sailing,'' and I go out on the water almost every week. I'm an old beginner with little experience as a crew member, but the sea teaches me many things every time I sail the Shonan sea. Sunny days, rainy days, calm days, stormy's just like life itself. I would like to share this experience with those who have no experience in yachting.

To preserve the beautiful sea for future generations

The 25nd LOVEOCEAN Riviera Shonan Beach Clean & Symposium, held on June 26th Sat. and June 2th Sun., was a great success, as the opening of the sea was just around the corner. The symposium and beach clean, which embraces the environment and tourism and is based on the perspective of the regional blue economy that ``people gather in the beautiful sea,'' has expanded from three coasts in Kanagawa Prefecture to six in December last year. We aim to expand this service to the entire prefecture this winter.
One of the topics I would like to talk about is our friendship with Heal the Bay, an American environmental organization based in Santa Monica that aims to protect the coastal waters and watersheds of Southern California.
Although the West Coast of the United States is separated by more than 8000 kilometers by the Pacific Ocean, it is connected to Japan by the Kuroshio Current, a circulating ocean current. The concept offered in "Riviera Ocean Funeral - A New Journey -" is that the deceased departs from the sea in Shonan, travels the world, and returns to Shonan every year to be reunited with his family. It's a gift.
Information sharing and collaboration with like-minded people working on environmental conservation on both sides of the Pacific Ocean is expected to accelerate. Please pay attention.

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