A day spent at the sea thinking about the sea

Published April 2022

Riviera Shonan Beach Clean

Zushi Coast (Zushi)

Shonan area beach clean

In 2006, Riviera launched the "Riviera Future Creation Project" after experiencing climate change first-hand and began environmental conservation activities. And the Riviera SDGs Festival started in January 2021 in hopes of promoting a sustainable movement. On December 1th, World Volunteer Day, we worked together with local residents as a ``day to think about the ocean.''
Volunteer employees asked us to carry out the monthly "Riviera Beach Clean" throughout the Shonan area, and we received support from the mayors of Kamakura, Zushi, and Hayama, making it a reality. A total of 900 people participated on the day, including chiefs, ambassadors, coastal and fishing personnel, and local residents. The ocean may look clean at first glance, but there are a lot of microplastics in the sand. It felt great to do a beach clean in the ocean, and I was able to unite with the local people of Shonan who are highly environmentally conscious.

Yuigahama Beach (Kamakura)
Morito Coast (Hayama)

Top: Yuigahama Beach (Kamakura) Bottom: Morito Beach (Hayama)

Morning market run by female fishermen
Limited revival of Riviera Marche

Female fishermen from Hayama, Zushi, and Kamakura sold seafood they had just caught that morning at the morning market. At the popular Marche in the Riviera Zushi Marina, which has been revived for a limited time, vegetable scraps from Riviera restaurants are temporarily processed and used as compost to cultivate "Riviera Circulating Vegetables," as well as organic and pesticide-free vegetables grown by local farmers. Sold by people. Riviera Zushi Marina head chef Ito's cooked rice ``Sazae Meshi'' sold out in no time, and the opening of the high-end supermarket ``Suzukiya'', which is well-known in the local Shonan area, was also very well received.

Riviera Marche
Riviera Marche
Riviera Marche

Riviera Marche, which was suspended due to the coronavirus, will be revived for a limited time.
*The monthly Riviera Marche will be revived from May. Enjoy the freshest local ingredients.

from various angles
Talk session about the ocean

At Seascape, the special venue closest to the sea in Riviera Zushi Marina, we will talk about not only environmental issues, but also gender, local initiatives, sports that connect with the world beyond the sea, and the charm of the sea and yachting culture. With the theme of LOVE OCEAN, we held a talk session that reflected on the ocean from various angles. Ambassadors included Kojiro Shiraishi, Gota Miura, Toshiro Hirose, and Hiro Nishiuchi, and speakers included female fishermen, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, sailors, local supermarkets, and fisheries union leaders. The participants of the talk session, which talked about the ocean from various angles, remained excited even after the session ended, and were so moved that they enjoyed the afterglow of the talk without leaving their seats. 
Although our positions are different, we share the same passionate love for the sea. We hope that children who are increasingly isolated from the sea will learn more about the sea, and that we can all work together to protect the richness of the sea.

Sheath cape

At Seascape, which is surrounded by the ocean on three sides, long lines formed before the venue opened, and seats were added at short notice. It was a great success with 150 participants and speakers, everyone gaining strength from each other.


Hiro Nishiuchi (model/actress)
Mr. Noriyuki Isobe (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology/JAMSTEC) 
Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi (ocean adventurer)


Ms. Momoko Maeda (Momomaru), Ms. Yuko Okuda (Shinmaru): Kamakura Fisheries Association
Hiroko Konishi (Hiromaru), Aya Kaku (Aimaru): Kotsubo Fisheries Association
Mr. Akira Hatakeyama (Oukamaru): Hayama Fisheries Association

Charm of the Sea/Sea Culture, Yacht Culture

“Charm of the Sea/Sea Culture, Yacht Culture”
Mr. Hiroshi Namikawa (Vice Chairman of Zushi Marina Yacht Club)
Mr. Takao Nakamura (Vice Chairman, Japan Sailing Federation)
Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi (marine adventurer), Japan Maritime Academy

A sport that connects the world beyond the sea

“A sport that connects the world beyond the sea”
Mr. Toshiro Hirose (Former Japan rugby team captain)
Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi (ocean adventurer)
Mr. Gota Miura (Professional skier)

New local initiatives

“New local initiatives”
Mr. Seiji Otake (Kotsubo Fisheries Cooperative Association Chairman) 
Yoko Nakamura (Chairman and Representative Director, Suzukiya Co., Ltd.)

Feel free to experience SDGs at a workshop

At a shop that sells miscellaneous goods made from scraps left over from the manufacturing of wetsuits, you can try your hand at making your own dolls, paint on seashells that would otherwise be trash from restaurant kitchens, and make your own with Ross flowers and discarded candles. Workshops for making small items will also be held. We had everyone enjoy the event and feel closer to the SDGs.

[Sponsor] Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee
[Co-sponsor] Riviera Resort Co., Ltd., Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd., Japan Maritime Academy, NPO Riviera Future Creation Project
[Sponsor] Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
[Cooperation] NPO Hayama Life Saving Club, Kamakura City Seaside Association, NPO Kaigan Club, Shonan Beach FM
[Sponsored by] Kanagawa Prefecture, Zushi City, Kamakura City, Hayama Town, Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation

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