Published April 2022

Free yourself from everyday life and synchronize with nature

On July 2022, 7, Japan's first eye-catching "trailer hotel" with futuristic design, "Space Key Point", opened in "Riviera Zushi Marina" and "Riviera Seabornia Marina".
In a perfect location overlooking the ocean and Mt. Fuji, you can enjoy the ever-changing fantastic sunsets.Based on the concept of "synchronizing with nature," we also offer sustainable experiences throughout your stay. We also hope to be a place where you can free yourself from everyday life, create space in your heart, and adjust your mind. Please come and experience the coming season, which will be easier to spend.

Each SPSCE (guest room) features double-sided glass windows with a focus on views, and includes a king-sized bed, shower room, and sofa, as well as a private outdoor terrace with a barde pool where you can relax while wearing a swimsuit.

The private terrace has a BBQ grill, kitchen, and table, so you can relax while looking out at the spectacular view in front of you and feeling the refreshing sea breeze. The food we make ourselves has a special taste, such as our carefully selected BBQ using locally produced and sustainable ingredients, pizza making, and fish dishes grilled on cedar planks.

The letters and numbers written on each trailer indicate the latitude and minor coordinates, and express the "location" of each trailer. There is also a space where you can stay with your dog.

<Riviera Zushi Marina> Just a few meters from the sea. An ocean sauna with a large window in the sauna room and a spectacular view overlooking the majestic Sagami Bay. You can relax in the cold water bath and outside air bath on the private deck, which is completely reserved for you, overlooking Enoshima and Mt. Fuji, looking out at the sea that stretches out in a straight line on the horizon, and feeling the sea breeze with the sound of waves in the background.

<Riviera Seabornia Marina> A tent sauna that uses earth-friendly biomass fuel. From the ``Totonoi'' space, which is equipped with infinity chairs (zero gravity chairs), you can look out over the sea beyond the yachts moored in the harbor, and the fantastic view of Mt. Fuji dyed in orange. An experience like no other where you can spend such a special time.

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