Published April 2022

Riviera Tokyo
Riviera Tokyo
Riviera Tokyo

It continues to be loved even today under the name “Hakuunkaku”

``Riviera Tokyo'' celebrated its 72nd anniversary in front of Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro, and I joined the restaurant ``Hakuunkaku'', which is a step forward from that, in 1981 and have been working there for 40 years. During my first year at the company, I worked hard while studying, taking courses at Rikkyo University, which was right in front of me.
When it opened in 1950, just after the war, there were no tall buildings like there are now, and seniors and regular customers often told us that ``You could see Mt. Fuji with the white clouds receding from the second floor, and it was named ``Hakuunkaku'' because of that view.'' It was done. The luxurious style, where you can take a bath and then enjoy a banquet or dinner while admiring the waterfall garden, has been popular with many celebrities since its opening. In particular, Edogawa Ranpo and former Foreign Minister Ogasawara are said to have been frequent visitors.
There were about 150 female waitresses and 50 male employees, and the 32 private rooms of various sizes were always full. Even when I received a phone call to make a reservation, I was unable to accept the reservation because the restaurant was full.However, I felt sorry to simply decline the reservation to a regular customer, so I often referred them to another restaurant. Nowadays and in the past, it is rare for Rikkyo students to use our services as customers, but those who went to school thinking, ``I want to use this service when I grow up,'' become customers 10, 20, or 30 years after graduation. They often come back as. In addition, we are happy to receive the rewards that come from being in business for such a long time, such as the fact that our regular customers include two or three generations of parents and children.

Stay ahead of the times with new challenges

In 1981, when I joined the company, we started holding a ``Kaiseki with Wine'' event that became a long-running event for the next 37 years. At the time, the marriage of "Japanese food and wine" was unfamiliar, and our new food culture proposals were greatly appreciated by gourmet-minded customers. As a Japanese restaurant, we have introduced Kaiseki cuisine, where each dish is served hot, to weddings, and we have introduced Japan's first flooring venue and a variety of colored tablecloths instead of only white, and continue to take on challenges ahead of the times. ``Hakuunkaku'' was a constant source of excitement for me as an employee as well.

Welcome at “Tokyo no Mori”

In 1996, I was assigned to banquet sales, and was busy with overseas sales every day, not only in Toshima Ward, but also in Nerima and Itabashi. When I do this, even though I am visiting for business purposes, I often get people to thank me in return and say, ``Thank you for taking care of me on those occasions (meetings, Shichi-Go-San events, weddings), it was a really nice meeting.'' I've never met anyone who doesn't know about Hakuunkaku, and as a salesman, I find that very reassuring. These were the days when I realized that we have customers who have been patronizing us for a long time, even during the post-war turmoil. We will continue to cherish our connections with local people and people in the region.
In the garden of Riviera Tokyo, there are not only many trees, but also the waterfall that was there when the hotel first opened. Eating your meal while listening to the sound of the waterfall and the chirping of birds while opening the large windows of your private room overlooking the garden is a blissful moment that cannot be replaced by anything else. In autumn, please come to Toshi no Mori, where you can enjoy the autumn leaves in the garden.


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