Thinking about the future from the sea

Published April 2022

Riviera Shonan Beach Clean

"Riviera Shonan Beach Clean" where many local residents and organizations from each coast participate.

“People gather around the beautiful sea”

At the end of June, just before the opening of the sea, we held "LOVE OCEAN," a marine sustainability event typical of the Riviera, which always looks at the land from the sea. This event began in December 6 at three beaches (Kamakura City, Zushi City, and Hayama Town) as a large-scale event of the ``Riviera Beach Clean'' that volunteer Riviera employees conduct every month on Zaimokuza Beach.
This is the 2nd time, and the caravan will start from Miura City and go to ``Riviera Shonan Beach'' for 6 days while cleaning beaches on 6 beaches across 2 cities and towns, starting from Miura City, Yokosuka City, Hayama Town, Zushi City, Kamakura City, and Fujisawa City. I did a clean. The ``Sea Symposium,'' which considered the blue economy from various perspectives, turned out to be very interesting.

6 cities, towns, 6 coast beach cleans

Many people participated on each coast. The trash that washes up from the ocean, from large trash to microplastics, has its own characteristics on each coast.
Once again, we realized how important beach cleans are as a final stop to preventing the creation of any more marine debris that will continue to float around forever.
In addition to protecting the sea environment, the Riviera Shonan Beach Clean will also serve as a hub to strengthen collaboration by connecting people along the coast. I believe that it will also help us prepare for emergencies.

big trash washed up from the sea
Countless pieces of microplastic crushed into small pieces

Symposium with talks from a wide range of fields and generations

The symposium will be held in two parts at Seascape, a venue overlooking the ocean on three sides of Riviera Zushi Marina.
In some of the sessions, discussions were held from the perspective of blue economy based on local and luxury, and speakers included environmental activists, local fishermen, researchers, yachtsmen, marine sports enthusiasts, and people involved in the high-end tourism industry. The theme, ``Thinking about the future from the ocean,'' was given by each person from their own perspective, and the participants listened with great energy, nodding their heads in agreement.
In the second part, "R Next Summit 2022" will be held to commemorate the launch of the community "R Next" to support Generation Z. This time, the winners of the "Riviera SDGs Works and Manga Award" were on stage as members.
The mayor of Hayama Town, Yamanashi, who served as a panelist, said, ``I would like to invite the children of R Next to be lecturers.'' I am amazed at the high level of environmental awareness and future awareness of the children who will be responsible for the future. was. It was a valuable moment that made me think that adults should not interfere with children's thoughts.

Sheath cape
Environmental education/Blue flag

"Environmental Education Blue Flag"
Masayuko Ito (FEEJapan Chairman)


Mr. Seiji Otake (Representative Director, Chairman of Kotsubo Fisheries Cooperative), Mr. Ichiro Hayama (Representative Director, Chairman, Fujisawa Fisheries Cooperative), Mr. Naoyuki Takiguchi (Director, Kanagawa Fisheries Technology Center)

Sports/Leisure/Sea Culture

"Sports, Leisure, and Sea Culture"
Mr. Toshio Takahashi (Chairman of Zushi Marina Yacht Club), Mr. Toshihisa Ohno (Chairman of Hayama Marina Yacht Club), Mr. Miwako Tomita (Vice President of the Japan Sailing Federation)

blue economy

"Blue economy"
Masanori Kobayashi (Senior Researcher, Sasakawa Peace Foundation)


Yuriko Nagano (Japan Marine Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology/JAMSTEC), Teru Sato (diver)


Mr. Kenta Inaba (Representative Director of SLY Japan Co., Ltd.)

Hayama Town

Hayama Town Mayor Takahito Yamanashi

R next

Generation Z support “R Next” community
Kaishi Horii (2nd grade), Keisuke Hasegawa (4th grade), Sotaro Niki (5th grade), Yuki Harasawa (6th grade), Yuzu Komiyama (6th grade), Riko Kondo (6th grade), Yonaga Zama (1st year high school student), Ayumu Yamamoto (3rd year high school student)


Symposium general moderator: Mr. MITSUMI
(Radio DJ / Kanagawa SDGs Smile Ambassador)

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