Published April 2022


Enjoy at a resort 1 hour from the city center

For the first time in three years, we have had a summer without restrictions. At Riviera Zushi Marina, where you can enjoy the pool, sea, and sunset, we held various events in the open outdoors under the title "Summer Marina 3" so that you can enjoy the resort summer without any worries.

70s-90s music and drinks poolside lounge

At the Poolside Lounge from July 31st to August 13th, adults enjoyed nostalgic hit songs from the 70s to 90s. Last year's popular "White Party" and this year's new "DJ Night" will be held. From live music by Nobuyoshi Nakazawa and Hidero Nishioka to DJs George Cackle, Hiro Sugiyama, and TSUBASA, we have a rotating lineup of artists each day. I had a pleasant time listening to the music I wanted to listen to at the seaside.
The poolside lounge, which adults can enjoy, is also particular about alcohol. At the "Riviera x Campari Cocktail Night" on July 31st, we will welcome four bartenders called Campari Red Hands (meaning the best Campari cocktail craftsmen) who have won Campari cocktail competitions, and will offer limited edition cocktails. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages such as local craft beer ``Kamakura Beer'', sake from Kanagawa ``Kanai Sake Brewery'', ``Koganei Sake Brewery'', ``Nakazawa Sake Brewery'', and the rare small-batch bourbon ``Woodford Reserve''. I did. In particular, the sake-based cocktails and sake served in wine glasses, which can be enjoyed in the evening atmosphere of a poolside bar at an overseas resort, have been well-received. "Customers were very pleased with the new appeal.
We had a luxurious time with some fantastic sunsets depending on the day.

poolside lounge
white party
poolside lounge

Ferragamo pop-up held for the second time following 2021

At "Seascape", which is surrounded by the sea on three sides of Riviera Zushi Marina, a "Salvatore Ferragamo" pop-up store was held from July 31st to August 13th this year.
The summery and exciting worldview, which references the palm print by Julien Colombier that colors the 2022 Resort Collection, matches the worldview of Riviera Zushi Marina. We enjoyed a special shopping experience in a luxurious space.

green room festival after party

"Marina Sunset" was held at the Riviera Zushi Marina poolside on August 5th and 6th as an after party for Japan's largest cultural festival "Green Room Festival (every May)" held at the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama. Participants were entranced by carefully selected dance music by popular DJs from around the world.

green room
So Terao LIVE

First Satoshi Terao LIVE

On August 29th, Satoshi Terao appeared for the first time at a live performance at Riviera Zushi Marina. While enjoying drinks, we had a luxurious time immersed in Mr. Terao's world view, ranging from hit songs to cover songs.

Environmentally friendly because it's right in front of the sea

As expected from Riviera Zushi Marina, which is widely recognized as an eco-conscious place, eco-cups will be used at this summer's events. This aims to contribute to CO2 reduction by eliminating disposable waste, reducing the amount of waste that is incinerated, and by upcycling discarded thinned wood. Riviera's original eco-cup, “Love the Ocean, Love the Earth,” is made from plant fibers and does not use plastic, and can ultimately be disposed of as combustible garbage, just like paper.
We will continue to plan events that are environmentally friendly and enjoyable to the fullest. Please look forward to next year's Summer Marina.


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