Published April 2020

Hanza dinghy

Hansa dinghy practice

open skiff dinghy

Open skiff dinghy practice

The Riviera welcomed 5900 people.
Marine program

The Riviera Group is focusing its efforts on the "Riviera Future Creation Project," which promotes the SDGs based on its corporate philosophy of "living a fulfilling life in harmony with nature." In particular, Riviera's marine program has reached 2006 children since its inception in 5900. This is a training program for young people that aims to preserve Japan's beautiful oceans, pass them on to the next generation, and promote marine sports. This program is currently run by the Japan Maritime Academy, a general incorporated association, with a grant from the Nippon Foundation, and Riviera Resort dispatching instructors.

A new approach to learning about the sea and ships
Continued operation of Jr. Yacht Club

At the Japan Maritime Academy, we started a new attempt in September 2020. This is a Jr. Yacht Club whose purpose is not just to compete, but to learn about the sea and ships through yachting. This season, we have set up a 9-session course every Sunday, and approximately 16 students ranging from second-year elementary school students to second-year high school students have registered. Using Hansa dinghies and open skiff dinghies, children learning sailing tailored to their skill level at Riviera Seabornia Marina, from children who are trying sailing for the first time to children with competitive experience. In the future, we are considering a program in which people can build and operate ships themselves. The children, who looked anxious at the beginning, now look confident.

Obtained through playing in the sea
growth of children

Learning on the sea is not limited to sailing techniques, such as older children teaching younger children, teaming up as buddies to follow each other, and taking first aid classes. They will learn how to play safely in the sea, and at the same time develop a sense of solidarity and cooperation with their friends. In addition, sometimes parents who bring their children help with activities, and not only the staff but also the parents watch over the children's growth.
Because Japan is surrounded by the sea, many children become familiar with the sea throughout their lives, and maintaining a continuous connection with the sea is an SDG in itself. During this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, we feel it is of great significance to be able to relax and enjoy activities while feeling the great outdoors, both at sea and on land, mainly at Riviera Seabornia Marina and Riviera Zushi Marina.
We will continue our activities in the future, so please visit the Japan Maritime Academy website.

Japan Marine Academy
Japan Marine Academy

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