Published April 2020

Hiroyuki Takabayashi

The newly started "RIVIERA Staff's Voice"
This is a column article in which Riviera staff suggests ways to spend your holidays in a more meaningful and luxurious way.
In 2021, take the plunge and go to nature. You can feel the preciousness of each moment and be truly excited.
Riviera Zushi Marina Harbor Takabayashi will tell you about the rich marine life.

180 degree transformation from the city center to the ocean
Not only as a captain, but also as a "fishing expert"

``When I moved from Aoyama to Zushi, I had no knowledge of the sea, let alone how to enjoy it.Of course, I had no idea what kind of way of spending time I could suggest that would make the customers happy. So I decided to enjoy the sea myself first, so I obtained all the necessary marina licenses and went out to sea every day.''
So says Hiroyuki Takabayashi of Riviera Zushi Marina Harbor, who has been working in Zushi for six years this year.
Although Takabayashi loves fishing, he is known by both himself and others as a ``fishing expert,'' but when he first arrived, he was a sea novice who didn't even know the names of fish or the types of boats.

Only sea lovers know
The luxury of the winter sea

“Many people like to come to Riviera Zushi Marina in the summer.However, if you want to enjoy the sea water with high transparency and the air clear, winter is recommended.The winter sea is calm and the sun shines during the day. It's so warm that I sometimes wear short sleeves.There's no need to make plans just because it's a special holiday.If you look up at the sky and listen to the sound of the waves while on the sea, your mind will naturally reset and you'll feel better. The most luxurious way to spend your time at the sea is to relax and do nothing!”
-If you were to visit Riviera Zushi Marina in winter with your family, how would you recommend spending your time there?
``We would like to suggest ways to enjoy the ocean at sea that are tailored to each person.For example, a wife who is usually busy with housework can relax and read a book while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee.Also, a husband can enjoy fishing at this time of the year. I hope you enjoy it with your kids. If you like fishing, I'll also show you around my secret fishing spot (lol)."

Taste in nature
Enjoy the sea far beyond your imagination

When you become an adult, you can imagine everything to a certain extent based on your past experiences, so some people may be hesitant to try new things. The sea is a mysterious place, filled with fun that far exceeds your imagination. As we experience the feeling of confinement during the coronavirus pandemic, why not focus on the importance of taking care of your mind and body? Take the plunge and go out into the great outdoors for an experience that will have you having fun even as an adult.


Hiroyuki Takabayashi


Hiroyuki Takabayashi

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