Published April 2020

Noboru Watanabe

Riviera Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman and President

Noboru Watanabe

A gorgeous Sagami Bay in 2021

This past year, which has been plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, has brought new challenges. Although there is good news about the completion of a vaccine, things will not return to the way they were before the coronavirus. Under any circumstances, not just the coronavirus, we will continue to proactively build a business that is familiar with people's lifestyles and adapts to them.
The Tokyo 1 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were postponed for one year, are also scheduled to be held this summer. The venue for the Olympic sailing competition is Sagami Bay. Riviera, which operates marinas in Zushi, Hayama, Seabornia, and Shimoda, has provided full support from the early stage. Even after the postponement was decided, we are continuing our preparations without stopping at all.
Japan's first SWAN Festival will be held this fall after the Olympics. The company's owner, Leonardo Ferragamo, has also contacted us to participate. Through our partnership with NAUTOR'S SWAN, one of the world's leading luxury yacht manufacturers, we have been an official Japanese distributor since 2016, and are admired by sailors around the world.
This is a major milestone for Riviera, which has worked hard to develop SWAN's Japanese and Asian markets.
The Riviera Life Design Club, which proposes a spiritually enriching lifestyle, has also been launched, marking the beginning of a new journey unique to Riviera, which has produced people's starting points in life.
In addition, the museum of the 2020-year-old sailing ship "Synara", which was restored in 93, was finally completed last winter. I think this will be very meaningful for those of us who work in the ocean. Currently, the detailed interior of Shinara has been completed, and she continues to be polished every day, as well as undergoing sail training at sea with selected crew members.
The sea of ​​Sagami Bay in 2021 will be so gorgeous and busy.

Noboru Watanabe

Establishing a long-awaited NPO corporation

This year marks 15 years since we started the "Riviera Future Creation Project," which focuses on the environment, education, and society that lies beyond our business. Along the same lines as this initiative, we have been committed to the United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) from an early stage.
The ``Riviera Future Creation Project'', a non-profit organization based on five general incorporated associations established by Riviera, was certified in December of last year. We hope that the foundation for our social contribution will be completed despite this coronavirus pandemic, and that we will be able to dramatically advance our activities.

Continue to be held
Participatory SDGs event

On January 31st, we will hold a participatory event “Riviera SDGs Festival”. In addition to lectures, exhibition sales, and workshops on the theme of the ocean and sustainability, Riviera Zushi Marina is also unique in that you can enjoy quality time such as strolling along the seaside and delicious meals.
When we think of the SDGs, we have the image that governments, local governments, and large companies are working on them, but by providing opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, voluntary organizations, local residents, and other people who support them to come together, people can connect horizontally. We believe that becoming a ``hub'' that creates new collaborations is a contribution that even Riviera, a small and medium-sized company that makes a living as a ``gathering place,'' can make.
The schedule may change depending on the coronavirus infection situation.

Share awareness and abundance with everyone

Since I was physically unable to move due to the coronavirus, I was able to devote a lot of time to contemplation.
The days were tough but I learned a lot. I would like to share the realizations and spiritual richness I have gained in this way with everyone and make 2021 a bright year. Thank you for your continued support this year.

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