Published April 2021

Japan Marine Academy
Japan Marine Academy
Japan Marine Academy
Japan Marine Academy
Japan Marine Academy

The ``Jr. Yacht Club,'' which started last year, has started again this year at the ``Japan Maritime Academy,'' which provides marine programs as part of Riviera's SDGs ``Riviera Future Creation Project.''

The Jr. Yacht Club, aimed at elementary school to high school students, is not a yachting school for time races, but through experience, through yachting, students learn about the comfort of spending time at sea, the importance of the environment, and how to care for and deepen communication with friends. It's a club. The program lasts about 15 days, and the activities are carried out together with experienced instructors, and are very popular with children and their parents.
In the program, students will learn the structure of yachts through the practice of outfitting and maneuvering using Hansa class dinghies and open skiff yachts. In addition, you will learn the theory behind how yachts run in the wind, as well as how to respond to emergencies on land. Goal 14 of the SDGs, which Riviera is focusing on, ``Let's protect the richness of the oceans,'' is the basis of our activities, and the children are thinking about it and putting it into practice.
In our activities last year in 2020, we built a wooden yacht ourselves and went sailing on the completed yacht. The sense of accomplishment that came from working together with people of similar ages and vertical ties that transcended age groups was a precious experience that cannot be replaced by anything else.
Although Japan is surrounded by the sea, most children have never seen land from the sea. We hope that yachting culture will take root in Japan on the same level as in the rest of the world, and that a rich maritime culture will develop. Would you like to join a cozy club where you can grow while being active in the naturally rich Sagami Bay?

* The Japan Maritime Academy (General Incorporated Association) receives a grant from the Nippon Foundation's ``Sea and Japan PROJECT'' and holds its activities at the Riviera Seabornia Marina.

Activities in 2022

*Participation during the first semester is also possible.
Total 15 days

June 6th Sun. 6th Sun. 20th Sun.
July 7th Sun. 4th Sun. 11th Sun. ・18th Sun.
July 9th Sun. 5th Sun. 12th Sun. ・19th Sun.
October 10nd Sat. 2rd Sun. 3th Sun. ・17st Sun.

Total 16 days

July 11th Sun. 7th Sun. 14th Sun. ・21th Sun.
June 12th Sun. 5th Sun. 19th Sun.
January 16th Sun. 23rd Sun. 30th Sun.
June 2th Sun. 6th Sun. 20th Sun.
June 3th Sun. 6th Sun. 13th Sun.

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