Published April 2021

Tokyo 2020

Looking back at the Tokyo Olympics with the voices of those involved

The 32nd Olympic Games - Held under the state of emergency declared due to the coronavirus. However, the excitement given by the players and the sense of accomplishment felt by those involved in its management are comparable to any other tournament. The Olympics will probably be held in one's own country for the third time in one's lifetime. We are grateful to have been a part of this exciting experience, and look back on TOKYO 3 with comments from those who shared our passion.

Interview: Hanako Watanabe

With a sense of unity with the local community
I'm glad that it was held

Japan Sailing Federation Chairman Hirofumi Kono

Immediately after it was decided at the 2013 IOC general meeting that Tokyo would be held, the Japan Sailing Federation invited numerous international races, including the World Cup, with the aim of ``strengthening athletes who can aim for medals'' and ``developing human resources responsible for event management.'' We strived to create opportunities for players and staff to hone their skills against the world.
When it came to relocating Enoshima's 1000 permanent boats, which was a problem in preparation for the Olympics, marinas and ports on the Riviera and elsewhere helped. During the preparation stage, we held a reception at the Riviera Zushi Marina where people from different positions, such as those involved in the competition and people from nearby marinas and local fishermen, gathered together to unite their feelings. It was really reassuring to be able to attend the actual event with their staff dispatched.
The Olympics were held in typical Enoshima weather, with southerly winds blowing and big waves, creating the conditions for a skilled athlete to win. The typhoon had passed and it was sunny and perfect.
Although he didn't get a medal at this competition, he won in two events for the first time at the Olympics. IOC leaders and representatives of overseas teams also praised Japan's management, saying, ``Japan's management was perfect.'' International tournament management know-how is the legacy of TOKYO 2.
Club activities will play an important role in the future of sailing in Japan. We hope that this local event will foster a culture of intimacy with the sea that surrounds us on all sides, and that sailing will be established as a lifelong sport.

Seiko Hashimoto Thomas Bach

Left: With Olympic Organizing Committee President Seiko Hashimoto
Right: IOC President Bach encouraging volunteers

Communicating Enoshima to the world!!

Kanagawa Prefecture Governor Yuji Kuroiwa

"Enoshima has good wind, tide, and waves. Moreover, the water is beautiful. The scenery is also outstanding. The race takes place while looking at Mt. Fuji. We will welcome you with the best hospitality."
At the Rio Olympics sailing venue, I gave the following speech in front of coaches from various countries. When I saw the TOKYO 2020 venue, I was convinced of the accuracy of my words and my heart was filled with excitement.
Boats from all over the world sailing through the sparkling waters of Shonan. The image will be projected on a 50-meter screen set up in the ocean and broadcast all over the world. We were able to highlight the presence of Enoshima, a sacred place for sailing.
We would like to thank the yacht owners who helped move the boats, the marinas and ports that accepted Riviera and other boats, the fishing industry who helped secure the race surface, and the local residents who welcomed us with lots of morning glories. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those involved, including the children and the volunteers who made the event fun with their smiles.

“Good luck!” from a stranger
Was delighted

Sailing Competition Women's 470 Class Ai Yoshida/Miho Yoshioka

The Olympics being held in Japan is a great opportunity for the Japanese people to learn firsthand the appeal of the sport of sailing. We are grateful that the event was held even though it was postponed for a year.
Over the past year, we have been preparing so that we will be ready no matter when the tournament is held. One year is not a small impact on an athlete, but it is the same for all competitors. I tried my best to turn that year into something positive.
I tried my best, but I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get a medal. Now that I have just finished this race, I am not thinking about the future, but I am glad that the 470 class, which is suited to the Japanese physique, has remained as an event at the next Paris Olympics. If the number of athletes aiming for the Olympics in the 470 class increases and domestic competition becomes more active, we will become even stronger.
In that sense, I would like to see an environment in which we can provide more support to children who are working hard as juniors. As a player and as a mother of a child, I sincerely hope for this. (Mr.Yoshida)

Athletes who compete in international competitions hone their skills by traveling overseas and comparing their level with athletes from other countries. It was a real shame that I couldn't go abroad right before the actual competition.
It was decided that the event itself would be postponed, and for a year I continued to hone my physical and technical skills without any comparisons with overseas competitors. However, it was thanks to Ai Yoshida, a great partner, that we were able to work without hesitation and only think about ``how we can grow.''
I had just graduated from school when we first paired up, and I've followed Yoshida all the way to this point. A truly stoic person who will do whatever it takes to win. However, when she gets home, she is a mother who puts her children first, and her ability to concentrate even with limited time is amazing.
I also spent some stressful days, but I was grateful that the event was held in my country, and I was happy when the volunteers at the harbor told me to do my best. Yacht races held at sea usually have no spectators. Cheers from strangers never reach the players' ears directly. It was a moment of great strength. (Mr. Yoshioka)

Ai Yoshida Miho Yoshioka

At an internal report meeting in October 2021

It was extremely comfortable
Staying on the Riviera

Sailing competition Spanish national team coach Santiago López Vázquez
Men's 470 class bronze medal Joldy Shamal
Men's 470 class bronze medal Nicolas Rodriguez Garcia Paz
Men's Finweight Bronze Medal Juan Cardona Mendez

I would like to thank Japan for hosting such a wonderful Olympics in the midst of a global pandemic. I would like to pay tribute to Japan's organizational structure and courageous attitude in ensuring a safe and clean game.
Considering that so many people have suffered from the coronavirus, we cannot say that postponing the event for a year was a good thing. However, it is also true that all competitors were given an equal year to prepare, and we have tried to look at it positively.
We have held training in Sagami Bay four times since 2018, using Riviera Zushi Marina as our pre-campsite. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for their hospitality.
Our stay at Riviera Zushi Marina was extremely comfortable. We have been impressed by the quality of service and level of hospitality provided, as well as the continued support over virtually four years. Even right before the tournament was held, when it was no longer possible to meet face-to-face, they supported us as we made final preparations, taking every precaution to prevent infection.
Also, I cannot forget the warmth of Zushi City as a host town. The warm welcome we received from the citizens of Zushi, including Mayor Kirigaya, gave us a lot of energy.
I felt as if I was living in my home country of Spain in Zushi, such as building a homely relationship with the Viera staff, which led to my good results at the worlds beforehand, and two bronze medals and two top places at the Olympic Games. It led to
On our way back home, the King and Prime Minister of Spain came to meet us on Mallorca and congratulated us on this achievement.
Lastly, I would like to convey this message to all junior sailors.
No matter how difficult it may be, if you keep practicing and working hard, you can always achieve your goals.
Arigato, Zushishi!!
Arigato, Riviera!!


TOKYO2020 performance


2018 Welcome Party at Riviera Zushi Marina


Left: Interacting with local elementary school students
Right: Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, welcomed with the Spanish flag

Royal Spanish Sailing Federation

Royal Spanish Sailing Federation welcomed with Spanish flag

We spoke to the mayors of three “host towns”

In the TOKYO 2020 sailing competition, the municipalities of Kamakura City, Zushi City, and Hayama Town, which are close to the competition venue Enoshima, will
As a "host town," we accepted national teams from various countries and expanded the circle of international exchange.
We asked the mayors of three cities about the exchange between national athletes and local residents.

France x Kamakura City

The French national team players were also enthusiastic about interacting with the citizens.

Kamakura Mayor Takashi Matsuo

Kamakura City and Nice City, France have been sister cities since 1966. Both Nice and Kamakura are historic seaside cities. When he visited the city to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship, he learned about the activities of the national sailing team, and thought, ``This would be an exchange that would take advantage of the commonalities between our two cities!'' and proposed hosting the host town. In April 2018, we concluded a pre-camp agreement.
During the Sailing World Cup, which was a prelude to the Olympics, we held a celebration party at the Kamakura Prince Hotel, and Kamakura citizen volunteers' ``Ohayashi-kai'' and ``Mato-no-kai'' participated, and it was great to see Japan's The traditional culture was demonstrated. As expected, France is said to be the ``country of culture.'' The players showed their respect and interest in Japanese culture, and had a great time getting on stage and trying their hand at playing Japanese drums together.
Also, when I interacted with the local children, they treated me with such love that I was humbled.
The French national team players recognized that their role was not only to compete in tough competitions, but also to interact with citizens, and they were enthusiastic about goodwill activities. It is therefore unfortunate that the coronavirus pandemic has made face-to-face exchange activities difficult, and the tournament itself has been held without spectators.
However, I think it's a positive thing that new interactions were created through SNS, and it was a valuable experience to be able to witness the heated battle off the coast using drones as a relay.
At this Olympics, it was impressive to see teenage skateboarders celebrating each other across countries. That is the original idea of ​​the Olympics.
Next time is the Paris Olympics. This time, the Japanese team will be taking care of us, so Kamakura City is also looking for something we can do to act as a go-between.

Signing ceremony of friendship certificate

Signing ceremony of friendship certificate

Spain x Zushi City

Together with Riviera, who accepted the preliminary camp

Mr. Satoru Kirigaya, Mayor of Zushi

Riviera Zushi Marina has been hosting the Spanish national sailing team's "pre-camp" since June 2018, and has also connected Zushi City with the idea of ​​being a host town. Without the existence of the Riviera, the relationship between Spain and Zushi City would not have been born.
In September 2018, we concluded a tripartite agreement with Zushi City, the Riviera, and the Spanish Sailing Federation, and started an exchange project in collaboration with lifelong learning activity groups, sports groups, and chambers of commerce in the city. There were times when the players and children ate school lunch together.
At Riviera Zushi Marina, we have held welcome parties for two years, and even right before the Olympics, when face-to-face meetings were no longer possible, all employees worked together to support the athletes, including sending me video messages of support during the meal. He gave it to me.
Although it was a shame that the match was held without spectators, I was able to enjoy the heated battle by watching the footage. It was a joy to see the familiar scenery of our city, Zushi, reflected in the technologically innovative broadcast video, and its appeal must have been conveyed to the whole world. As someone who has completely fallen in love with sailing, I would like to see more TV broadcasts in Japan and see sailing become a major sport like it is in other countries.
As a result of the local Olympics, which we participated in as a host town, the culture of boats and yachts has become even more popular in Japan, and Zushi has changed from being a ``city with a view of the sea'' to ``a city where you can go out to sea (by operating a boat).'' I hope you do.

Spanish player Kirigaya Mayor

Spanish athletes who came to report on the tournament were surrounded by Mayor Kirigaya and Riviera Kobayashi.

England x Hayama Town

As the “birthplace of yachting,” we are committed to providing support from an athlete’s perspective.

Hayama Town Mayor Takahito Yamanashi

I myself am a former windsurfer aiming for the Olympics. At Enoshima Olympic Week 2016, where former athletes from the past competed as coaches, we directly handed out informational pamphlets about the town and worked to attract a host town. In 2017, we signed a one-year pre-camp agreement with the British National Sailing Team. Since then, we have transitioned to a multi-year agreement.
In welcoming the British team, which is by far the largest yachting nation, I wanted to show that Hayama Town can support them from the perspective of competitors. It is also important to provide hospitality through traditional performing arts and the warmth of the residents. But there must be something else you can do in the ``birthplace of Japanese yachting.'' With this in mind, we set our sights on Hayama Port, which is designated by the prefecture and managed by Riviera. The Riviera team at Hayama Port, trained by Mr. Oba, who played a central role in the operation of the Olympic Games, is truly responsive. They responded to the challenges of not only the UK but also multiple national teams visiting Japan.
When we finished in the host town, the British coach said, ``Hayama is the best of all the Olympics I've participated in,'' which is proof that our dedication to creating a comfortable environment for the athletes was recognized. He has been involved in the Olympics eight times as an athlete and coach.
Yachts are the main form of communication. In 2018, with the help of many people, we held the Hayama Yacht Festival and held a friendly race between the British team and the townspeople. I also participated in the competition, but my competitive spirit from when I was a player came out and I didn't read the atmosphere and beat the British team!
After the Olympics, he was presented with a British flag and an RS-X windsurfing bag signed by the athletes. It will be on display at the town hall from November. It was a five-year period in which we were able to enjoy the Olympics and international exchanges that were unique to Hayama.

emma wilson

One shot with gold medalist Emma Wilson

TOKYO2020 experienced by Riviera

Many of our employees have gained valuable experience in managing sailing competitions at sea, as well as supporting and serving the Spanish national sailing team at their preparatory camps.
Some of them even played a part in the organization of the tournament. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work! !

As the closest marina to the race area, and as an official partner of the Japan Sailing Federation's Hinomaru Sailors, Riviera has been contributing in our small efforts towards the event.
The Spanish National Sailing Team, which was looking for a campsite, requested Riviera's cooperation through the country's government agencies, and in 2018, a preliminary camp began at Riviera Zushi Marina. In that case, we asked Zushi City to support the Spanish team as a whole and decided to become the host town!
Also in 2018, a tripartite agreement was signed between the President of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation Julia Casanueva, the City of Zushi, and Riviera. In the run-up to the Olympics, Riviera Zushi Marina hosted the Spanish team, and in addition to using the harbor and staying there, we provided transportation, meals, and provided full support as a concierge who handled various matters. A welcome party will also be held hosted by Riviera.
``Over the course of four long years, I was able to build a warm relationship with each athlete, and even celebrated their birthdays.However, in the pre-Olympic camp, it became clear that the best way to treat them was to reduce contact as much as possible.'' At least we had a meal, and the players enjoyed carefully prepared dishes such as sushi requested by the players.In addition, in order to let the players experience the warmth of the host town, we collaborated with Zushi City to provide dinner. The players were also very moved when Mayor Kirigaya delivered a message to the citizens remotely.Before the coronavirus pandemic, and even now, our thoughts remain the same.To be active in the world. We are proud to be able to invite athletes." (Service Manager Dan Terashima)

sailing spanish national team

Signing ceremony of the tripartite agreement regarding the preliminary training camp of the Spanish national sailing team (2018)

Tripartite agreement signing ceremony

Tripartite agreement signing ceremony for sailing competition management (2019)

In order to hold the Olympics in Enoshima, it was necessary to strengthen coordination and cooperate in preparing for various operations, including the movement of boats stored in Shonan Port, as well as issues related to the promotion of sailing.
Therefore, in 2019, a three-party agreement was concluded between Kanagawa Prefecture, the owner of Shonan Port, Shonan Nagisa Park Co., Ltd., the designated manager, and Riviera. In order to accommodate as many Enoshima boats as possible, Riviera Zushi Marina has demolished and relocated a building used as an office in the harbor in order to secure space, with a total of 3 boats being accommodated at the three marinas managed by the Riviera Group. I accepted.
During the Olympic Games, a catamaran yacht owned by Riviera was dispatched to operate as the race management headquarters boat.
``During the four weeks before and after the Olympics, we were stuck at the Enoshima competition venue and on the sea.The catamaran was equipped with an electronic bulletin board that displayed the time, which is essential in a time race, and the ship was operating normally, while preparing for the race. This is an important role. Even at sea, where power is limited, we cannot allow the display on the electronic bulletin board to disappear even for a moment. We work closely with the Riviera's mechanical team to carry out maintenance and carry out this valuable and educational mission. We carried it out.” (Race Management Head Office Boat Captain Takabayashi)
If the event were not to be held without spectators, we would also be planning to operate an official observation boat, provide food, and have a public viewing inside Riviera Zushi Marina. Although I am disappointed that we were not able to achieve these goals, I am proud that so many of our employees were able to play an active role, and I am truly grateful to have been involved in the management of the project.
Of all the Riviera employees, the person who made the most contribution to the Olympics was Oba, the first director of the Hayama Port Management Office. At Riviera, Oba was requested by the Olympic Organizing Committee to become ``Chairman of the Race Management Committee'', stating that ``we cannot replace him with anyone else,'' and for three years he completely stopped working at Riviera. We have created an environment where you can focus on the Olympics.

riviera staff

Riviera staff working on the operation boat (masks removed for photo)


2018 Sailing Competition Official Reception Party (Riviera Zushi Marina)

I want to further accelerate the sowing of seeds for the future.

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. and Japan Sailing Federation Race Management Committee Chairman
and Tokyo Olympics Sailing Sports Manager Hideo Oba

In addition to my work as a Riviera employee, I have also served as general manager of the Meiji University Athletic Association Yacht Club, president of the Japan 420 Association, director of the Kanagawa Prefecture Sailing Federation, and chairperson of the Japan Yachting Association's race committee, so the Olympics were on another level.
In sailing, 20 to 30 countries participate in the world championships. More than 60 countries are competing in the Olympics. The sense of scale is different.
It was also a tournament where I was able to witness the evolution of video technology. For example, when sailing in the wind, aerial photography by helicopter is strictly prohibited, but it is now possible to take realistic footage with a drone. The participating boats are also equipped with multiple cameras. The level of demands from the media is also on a whole different level, so competition management must understand this.
Speaking of technology, during the competition I used GPS to track the movements of the participating boats and over 50 patrol boats. This is a system that did not exist before.
Although it was not adopted at this competition, a system that can determine flying without visual inspection has also been developed, and it should be used at the Paris Olympics.
On the other hand, the ``craftsmanship'' of the staff is also important. The water off the coast of Enoshima is 100m deep, one of the deepest waters in the world, so setting up the anchor mark was an extremely difficult task, and we had to redo it over and over again while watching the wind. As a result, we have developed human resources who can take on the world championships. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I received a standing ovation from the athletes after all the competitions were over.
Now that I have finished my role, my next mission is to bring this valuable experience back to the Riviera.
The marine program that we have been working on under the Riviera Future Creation Project is becoming increasingly important to the Japanese sailing world. I would like to work together with the people who participated in the Olympics to accelerate the sowing of the seeds for the future.

Hideo Oba

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