Published April 2021

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Thoughts behind ONE ETHICAL

Riviera has started various new actions in 2021, hoping to create a chain of sustainability.
The “Riviera SDGs Festival” started in 2021 and has already been held twice, connecting people who agree with the SDGs and acting as a “hub” for Riviera to take action together. In addition, the Malibu Ethical Shop opened on June 2th, World Environment Day, where customers can window shop and make purchases that encourage sustainability actions.
And this summer, ``ONE ETHICAL'' will be held at Riviera Zushi Marina, where you can experience ethical consumption while having fun. It was a three-day event in which everyone from adults to children could enjoy contributing to sustainable social development through the three activities they do every day: eating, buying, and learning.


The popular Riviera Marche at Riviera Zushi Marina, which has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, is back for three days only. This time, the event is titled ``Riviera Ethical Marche,'' and there will be 3 stores with items that are ``ethical'' and ``sustainable.'' We exhibited and sold a wide range of products that are kind to both the earth and people, including miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, clothing, EVs, and road bikes.


The pop-up Japanese restaurant, which was very popular last summer and was inspired by a ``Japanese food space at an overseas resort'' with a straight horizon, will be open for only three days this year as ``UM (I Umi)''. Riviera Zushi Marina head chef Ito's theme this time is Riviera circulating vegetables and blue seafood. Riviera, which is committed to a "complete food cycle," has also begun collaborating with local farmers. In addition, we sympathize with the idea of ​​Blue Seafood, which protects the marine environment by preventing the extinction of depleted marine products, and we communicate this through events. This initiative was broadcast on Fuji TV (August 3th).
At a location with an ocean view, we were able to enjoy Riviera Japanese cuisine, which has inherited a 70-year tradition from the Japanese restaurant Hakuunkaku, while paying close attention to the oceans and ecosystems that make up 71% of the earth.

-learn -

At Riviera Zushi Marina, we are also focusing on urban development as a "sustainability town." We held the "Riviera SDGs Tour in Zushi" to experience some of these activities. This time, we planned it as an expanded version of the "Riviera Summer Vacation Project - Beach Clean and Marine Litter Seminar" which was held in 2019 and received a great response. The children in particular were enthusiastically taking notes as part of their free summer research. In addition to a marine litter seminar on thinking about the immediate environment, we held various workshops.
*Ethical literally means "ethical." Ethical consumption, from a broader perspective, refers to consumption behavior and lifestyle in which people purchase things that are kind to people, society, and the environment.

[Sponsor] Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee [Sponsor] Haverly's [Cooperation] Zushi City
[Sponsor] Kanagawa Prefecture/Zushi City/Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation/tvk/J:COM Shonan/Kanagawa

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