Published April 2019

Malibu Hotel

Spreading out before your eyes is the clear blue sky, the horizon, and the majestic and beautiful view of Mt. Fuji. 
This is a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy extraordinary times, where you can return to yourself. 
2020 March 26th Riviera Zushi Marina will be reborn as a residential resort

a new door opens
Welcome to Malibu Hotel

Malibu Hotel, which has a concept of small luxury, will have its grand opening on March 16th, 3,000 in a corner of Riviera Zushi Marina with a site of 2020 square meters.
The four-story hotel has 11 all-suite rooms, all of which have large windows and terraces with views of Mt. Fuji overlooking the ocean. It is the best location to enjoy the natural beauty that changes depending on the season and time of day while watching cruisers and yachts departing from and returning to port up close.
Although it attracts many tourists from Japan and abroad, until now there have been few lodging facilities in the Shonan, Kamakura, and Miura Peninsula areas, and most people have only the option of a day trip, and the short stay time makes it difficult to fully appreciate the charm of the area. The reality was that they were not able to fully experience it.
With the creation of Malibu Hotel, in a prime location 50 minutes from central Tokyo, guests can enjoy a relaxing stay at the hotel, restoring their rhythm of mind and body and feeling fulfilled, just as they would when visiting a luxury resort overseas. The purpose of spending time at this hotel is ``a place where you can return to yourself.'' Please look forward to discovering surprises and joys beyond your imagination as you relax and enjoy nature as your heart takes you.

Enjoy nature
Experience-based activities

Riviera Zushi Marina is a large marina resort based at Malibu Hotel where you can fully enjoy the sea, city, and history. On a private cruise that departs from the harbor in front of the hotel and explores Enoshima and Hayama from the sea, we will guide guests to a blue world where the sky and sea become one. We also offer a wide range of activities such as flyboarding, the only one in the Shonan area, tennis, cycling, and private yoga, so you can experience new doors and enjoy the real pleasure of traveling.


A gentle sea breeze blows through
Extraordinary luxury space

There are 11 rooms in total, each with a different time and atmosphere, and you'll be sure to discover something new each time you visit. The interior design was supervised by ALEXANDER DESIGN, one of the hottest interior designers in California and one of the top 20 interior designers in Los Angeles.The calm yet sophisticated space invites you to spend a luxurious time.
In addition, Malibu Hotel is the first hotel in Japan to introduce a V2B (vehicle to building) system, which allows electricity to be supplied from electric vehicles to the hotel's lighting and outlets in the event of a disaster.

The Malibu Suite

Malibu Hotel's Signature Room boasts an area of ​​93 square meters. Both the separate bedroom and the living room lead to a spacious balcony. Relax on the comfortable sofa or enjoy bath time in the jet bath. Open the windows and enjoy the pleasant sea breeze while dozing off in your bedroom.

Malibu Hotel

You can enjoy open views from all suites, all of which are over 50 square meters in area. We also have rooms where you can bring your beloved family pets with you.

ル ー ム サ ー ビ ス

Room service is also available to deliver Malibu Farm food to your room. A Japanese breakfast menu is also available for those who wish.

Clade Spa

In your room, you can also experience the ``CLAYD SPA,'' which uses CLAYD, which is also used in American five-star hotel spas.

Malibu Farm, a restaurant originating from LA and opening in Japan for the first time, and more
Dining “AO” located on the sea also has a main bar.

Malibu, one of LA's most scenic spots, is lined with celebrity beach houses. Malibu Farm, an extremely popular restaurant located on the pier, which is a symbol of this, has made its debut in Japan. The dishes devised by the owner and chef, Helen Henderson, are made with carefully selected ingredients and are highly praised by overseas celebrities for their deliciousness and are healthy for the body.The restaurant has opened 7 stores mainly in the United States.
In the United States, there is a high level of awareness about healthy thinking and the global environment, and Helen uses only local produce, including vegetables grown on her own small farm, as well as locally produced ingredients that Helen knows well. At the same time, the efforts of Riviera and Helen, who continue to work on the "Riviera Future Creation Project" by having employees grow their own vegetables using recycling farming methods, coincided with their efforts, and the opening of Malibu Farm in Zushi Marina was realized. .
The menu is based on local recipes, and there will also be a Japan-only menu using fresh ingredients from Kamakura and seafood from Sagami Bay.

Malibu Farm

Helen Henderson

Malibu Farm

We also have the locally popular "Prata Cheese and Fruit Salad" and the Japan-only menu "Clam Chowder Malibu Farm Style."

Ristorante AO

Malibu Hotel's signature restaurant ``Ristorante AO'' has a special feeling with every seat overlooking the ocean. Enjoy a memorable moment with Italian cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

private bar

THE BAR is a private bar located on the sea that has been watching over yachtsmen and other people who gather at the sea.

-At that moment, at that place-

When you can enjoy the gentle sunlight or when Diamond Fuji appears, choose the best view. We offer experiences that can only be found at that moment and place, depending on the season, weather, natural conditions, etc. Please look forward to seeing where and what kind of table settings will appear at Riviera Zushi Marina.


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