Published April 2019

Eiji Okamoto

Reverend Eiji Okamoto, 53rd head of Gokokuji Temple

I once had a view of the Sanmon Gate.
Famous temples since Genroku

Gokokuji Temple, located in Otowa, Bunkyo Ward, is the main temple of the Toyozan school of the Shingon sect, which was founded at the request of Keishoin, the birth mother of the fifth Tokugawa shogun Tsunayoshi. We have long had a special relationship with Riviera Tokyo, as it is just a 10-minute drive away. "Hakuunkaku is celebrating its 70th anniversary...? I see, so many years have passed."
The person with a warm smile on his face was Reverend Eiji Okamoto, the 25rd Grand Priest. “As a monk, Hakuunkaku and I are classmates.I finished my studies in 22 and became the chief priest of my own temple, Chotokuji, in Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku. He also served at Gokoku-ji Temple. At that time, a streetcar known as the Chin-chin Densha ran from Ikebukuro Station to Gokoku-ji Temple, making multiple trips a day between Gokoku-ji Temple and Chotoku-ji Temple. I was working hard to rebuild Chotokuji Temple from the war, and at that time, Hakuunkaku was a hot topic among the temple believers.There was apparently a magnificent restaurant in Ikebukuro, where the black market and barracks were just expanding. So I decided to have a slightly more luxurious meal after the memorial service... Naturally, I had a lot to see and hear about Hakuunkaku, and through my duties at Gokokuji Temple, I had the chance to meet Asazo Horie and other members of Hakuunkaku directly. We also got to know each other. Even though the name has changed to Riviera, the founding spirit has not changed, and I always feel that the company is sincere in its approach to providing hospitality to customers." It's not just the believers. Since our temple is the main temple, monks also hold meetings. In this area, Hakuunkaku is the only restaurant in the area that has the appropriate settings and food for these occasions. I used to visit there often." (Rev. Okamoto) )

Kaei Zoshigaya Otowa picture map

Kaei Zoshigaya Otowa picture map

Visit the founder's grave
Nourish your soul with the sermon on the neck

Gokokuji is also the place where Horie Asazo redeemed his grave. Beneath the tombstone that stands quietly overlooking Ikebukuro, rest are Asakura and Machi, as well as their beloved daughter who was sacrificed in the tragic fire accident, and relatives that Asakura moved from his hometown.
It has become a tradition at Hakuunkaku that on the morning of the first general meeting of the new year, all employees visit this cemetery and listen to Kanshu-sama's sermon. This important practice of cultivating the spirit for the new year continues to be passed down to this day, now known as Riviera.
The famous temple that our founder cherished and has been with since the company's opening is still a stronghold in Riviera's heart.

Gokokuji Temple

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