Published April 2020

david aisher

Photo: Yoichi Yabe

This time's guest is from England, the hometown of the historic wooden sailing ship "Synara"! !
David Aischer is a yacht racer and businessman, former Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS), a prestigious yacht club with the oldest history.

Royal Yacht Squadron
Former Rear Commodore Yachting

David Aisher

david aisher

Born in 1951 into a British aristocratic family. He became familiar with sailing from an early age under the guidance of his grandfather, who was a well-known racer, and won many races himself. As an executive member of many prestigious clubs including RYS, he is one of the leaders who has led the yachting world in Europe and North America for many years.

bear the name of royal
The highest authority in the yachting world

David Eisher is a leading figure in the yacht racing world.
Eisher, who is descended from British aristocrats, has not only an illustrious career as a competitor, but also as the general manager of the Cowes Week Regatta, which is sponsored by RYS and is said to be the most prestigious regatta race in the world. He is a known heavyweight.
RYS, for which Mr. Eisher served as Lea Commodore, is a private enthusiast group, but it has deep ties to the British Royal Family, with King George IV being one of its founding members, and it has a special name of ``Royal.'' it was done. It is also the birthplace of the America's Cup, which is known as the "Formula One of the Seas" and the first tournament was held in 4. RYS has also produced many historical figures such as Robert Scott, known for his Antarctic exploration.
“RYS has a close relationship with the Navy over its 200-year history, and RYS club boats fly the Royal Navy flag.The current Commodore is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Her Majesty the Queen.Me too. In the past, we participated in the Cowes Week Regatta Race.'' (Mr. Eisher, hereinafter referred to as ``'')

The sea holds the lives of young people
have the power to change

Eisher and Riviera share the same passion - their commitment to youth development activities.
“In recent years, I have been running a foundation called Tall Ships Youth Trust, which supports young people aged 12 to 25 in difficult circumstances.The foundation's mission is simple and effective.4 By taking them out to sea on our large yachts, we help them break down the social barriers they face and expand their life possibilities.Last year alone, we took over 950 young people to sea. Rescued from an abusive environment.
Time spent at sea has the power to change your life.
Last year, more than 95% of the young people who participated in our programs went on to find stable employment or education and training opportunities. As far as I know, no other support program can match this outcome.
Today, as we struggle with the serious coronavirus pandemic, our activities will be needed more than ever.
By the way, our charity work is completely privately run. It does not rely on public funds and is supported solely by the goodwill of the people. Contribute to activities for your own sake. It’s truly my life’s work.”

royal yacht squadron

The clubhouse of the Royal Yacht Squadron on the Isle of Wight in southern England

royal yacht squadron

Watanabe and Eisher when invited to the Royal Yacht Squadron
David Eisher's beloved boat "Talia" (built in 1888, 133 years old)

If we don't do it now, we'll lose it

We would like to thank Mr. Eisher for his cooperation in the Shinara restoration project, providing valuable advice from time to time.
“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone at the Japanese Riviera for relaunching the Shinara.The Shinara is a ship that I have deep feelings for.
I was born into a family of yachtsmen. I am also acquainted with Captain Mike McMillan, who sailed the Synara to Japan. Mike is my grandfather's colleague. His grandfather also rode for Sinara.
Without this connection, I would not have known about this Riviera project.
There are some things in life that cannot be undone. If we don't do it now, some things will be lost forever. The fact that Riviera Chairman Watanabe took on the challenge of restoring Cinara in Japan, far away from the UK, was truly a contribution to humanity as a whole."

encourage the racers
133 year old “girlfriend”

Mr. Eisher himself has an excellent track record in restoring old ships.
“About 10 years ago, I acquired a vintage yacht, the Thalia, a small boat built in 1, even older than the Synara. Lately, I have been withdrawing from the front line of competition, but I take every opportunity I can to participate in races in my restored Talia. If an ``old woman'' who was born two centuries ago appeared in good health, that alone would create a great deal of excitement. This is very important for the yachting world.'' We cherish and protect the good old things, polish them and pass them on to future generations. It is very reliable that the people who practice the philosophy that is similar to the ``Riviera Future Creation Project'' are important figures in the yacht racing world.

Japan's yachting world is growing

Compared to the UK, Japan's yachting world still has a long way to go. However, Eisher's gaze was warm. “When I visited the Riviera Seabornia Marina to meet Sinara, I realized that this marina maintains many cutting-edge cruiser and racer yachts.Japanese yachting industry is steadily growing. Looking back on my own career, I see that organizational support is essential for yacht racing.From that point of view as well, the significance of having the Olympic Games held locally is huge for the Japanese yachting world. I am convinced that the Japanese yachting world will grow even further if everyone works together to take part in the greatest event of all time, the Olympic Games.
I sincerely wish everyone in the Japanese yachting world, including Riviera, the best of luck."

david aisher

Letter received from Mr. Eisher

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