Riviera Tokyo

Published April 2020

From small group dinners and meetings to large group events and parties.
Three styles come together on the Riviera

Riviera Tokyo has a wide variety of spaces with flowing waterfalls and lush greenery, making it perfect for business occasions, family gatherings,
In addition, there are styles that can make events held by friends with common interests even more impressive.
Here we will introduce each case study.


“Adult Jazz Festival” where you can casually enjoy JAZZ with a beer in hand

At the Jazz Festival held at Riviera Tokyo last year, music lovers gathered to fully enjoy the summer night. You can enjoy powerful music up close in a venue equipped with sound and lighting equipment, or enjoy chatting with beer while listening to it on the terrace. This is a great way to utilize the space because you can come and go freely.

Riviera Tokyo
Riviera Tokyo


Dinner party in a private room

We also have a number of private rooms available to accommodate small group entertainment and dinner parties. Families who use our facilities once a year for a get-together are satisfied that they can safely use our facilities even with small children.
We will respond to any requests, so please feel free to contact us.

Riviera Tokyo
Riviera Tokyo


A company-sponsored social gathering with buffet-style cuisine featuring dishes originating from Japanese restaurants.

It is customary in the industry to hold buffet-style banquets where it is difficult to put a lot of effort into cooking to accommodate a large number of people, but at Riviera, we have maintained the spirit of hospitality since the days of Hakuunkaku, which opened in 1950. , we made different proposals for each banquet and were very popular with everyone who attended.

Riviera Tokyo
Riviera Tokyo

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