Published April 2020


1. Marina resort overlooking the ocean
Various shapes of Riviera Zushi Marina

The essence of Riviera has always been "hospitality". In order for you to enjoy your stay in a relaxing space with peace of mind,
We are looking forward to seeing you in an open space that reduces the risk of infection.


A venue with direct access to the terrace, where you can see Mt. Fuji and Enoshima right in front of your eyes. All of the venues at Riviera Zushi Marina are designed with a sense of openness.

Garden of the teahouse Riviera

Ikebukuro's "Saryo Riviera Garden" pop-up was a huge success

Malibu Hotel

The hotel's popular Japanese food is served in a box style.

Ristorante AO

Meal at a restaurant dedicated to new normal hospitality

Malibu Farm

Malibu Farm's open terrace seating remains popular.


The perfect space for a staycation

You can rest assured
new hospitality style

At each restaurant and Malibu Hotel, we were able to welcome customers this summer by taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The original role of a restaurant is to focus on the quality of taste and customer service, but in this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we are focusing on "new normal hospitality" with safety and security as our top priority. For example, Malibu hotels can have breakfast and dinner delivered to your room. This service corresponds to "reclusion" to reduce contact with unspecified large numbers of people, but guests can enjoy meals with a spectacular view of the sea right in front of the hotel.

Not just food
staycation plan

While many event venues are closed, Riviera Zushi Marina's event venues, all of which have large windows facing the ocean, are popular for corporate presentations, exhibitions, family events, and TV filming. It is highly valued.
Recently, “staycations” have also been attracting attention.
For example, you can avoid contact with unspecified large numbers of people, which is a source of anxiety for the elderly, by renting out the venue. Three generations of parents and children gather together to celebrate family anniversaries and enjoy karaoke, practice sessions with friends with the same hobbies at the piano venue, and girls' gatherings where you can enjoy chatting.
Because you are staying for a long time, we have a staycation plan that allows you to spend your time at a sea-view resort as you like.

Take advantage of location
Fun with pop-ups

This summer, we held a 3-day pop-up restaurant called Saryo Riviera no Niwa by the Sea. With the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult to travel overseas, the open-air space overlooking the ocean, where the horizon stretches in a straight line, was well received by people who miss the extraordinary experience of overseas resorts.
We are looking for a new project that takes advantage of the location of Riviera Zushi Marina, which has a resort feel and avoids crowds. For example, pop-up restaurants run by external chefs may be something Riviera can do to help the food and beverage industry, which is reportedly struggling.
Riviera Zushi Marina still has a lot of potential.


2. Enjoy safe and secure private time in the urban forest

With the coronavirus, many people seem to be reducing the number of times they eat out. Even in such a situation, I want to cherish the time I spend with people who make me feel at ease.
We would like to introduce you to Riviera Tokyo, where you can forget about everyday life in the heart of the city, surrounded by lush greenery, without having to travel far.

Riviera Tokyo
Freshly cooked clay pot rice

The ``freshly cooked earthen pot rice'' made with carefully selected brands is very popular.

Private room

There are a variety of open private rooms of various sizes with large windows.


Coordinating in the garden is also recommended for special occasions.


Close to the view of the changing colors of the season.

Riviera Garden

The historic sound of a waterfall from the days of the Japanese restaurant "Hakuunkaku" and a retro-modern interior.

Open-air, safe and secure private space even in Tokyo

This summer has seen record-breaking heat waves. The noisy sounds of cicadas have calmed down, and we can now hear the bell insects singing and feel the arrival of autumn.
It is true that during the past six months of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to reduce the number of times we eat out, and gatherings with family and friends feel more special than ever. Many people would like to get together with their grandparents for anniversaries such as Shichi-Go-San, birthdays, coming-of-age celebrations, and longevity celebrations, but many people may have given up on this because of the risk of serious illness in the elderly. What is popular among such people is the private rooms that are unique to Riviera Tokyo, which started out as a Japanese restaurant. In a completely private space where you won't mix with other guests, open the large windows and be surrounded by the scent of greenery and the sound of the waterfall, making your time together even more memorable. The facility's easy access by train has been well-received for some time, but since there is a parking lot within the facility, we have taken into account the risk of contact with trains, buses, etc., so even elderly people can safely gather with their families. I would be happy if you could participate. You can also rent out our well-ventilated party hall for meals and banquets with friends.
When serving course meals, we do our best to ensure that guests can spend their time with peace of mind, such as by reducing the number of meals served and avoiding unnecessary contact with staff, without changing the total amount of meals. Please enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine passed down for 70 years from the Japanese restaurant "Hakuunkaku" in the open-air "Urban Forest."

stay for a long time
Riviera Tokyo staycation

Rather than traveling far away on your day off, a workday means taking an unusual vacation in your local area. You can use the private room for long periods of time to relax and spend time with your family, three generations of parents and children, friends, or people with children.

A space with a balcony where you can relax while listening to the chirping of birds.

Riviera Tokyo

What can you do “remotely”?

3. “Work” while feeling nature, endless possibilities

During this coronavirus pandemic, many companies have adopted telecommuting, or "remote work" using the internet, as a way to avoid the risk of infection.
However, if you are working remotely, the location is not limited to your home. How about a more relaxed and natural way of working?

Riviera Tokyo
Riviera Tokyo

Workation on the Riviera

This summer, along with the GoTo campaign, workation also attracted attention. For example, if you stay at a Malibu hotel, your family can enjoy a stroll around the Riviera Zushi Marina while you're doing online meetings or working from home.

The feeling of changing your feelings

Day-trippers are also welcome. You can work in an environment different from your home. Working in an open location while feeling the sea breeze is sure to spark creative ideas. In addition, Riviera Tokyo is located in the heart of the city but is quiet, offering a calm environment with plenty of greenery. How about doing some intellectual work in the ``urban forest''? There you will find concentration, relaxation, and a safe space without crowds.

Not restricted by place and time
New way of working

We have received many inquiries from customers who feel it is important to meet in person from time to time for team building and discussions while working remotely. There is also a growing need for off-site meetings where people can share ideas that arise only in extraordinary spaces. It is also possible to broadcast multiple venues at the same time, so it is safe even with a large number of people. It is also possible to hold academic conferences and events that combine real and online streaming.
Not having restrictions on location, time, or day of the week is the best condition for avoiding the 3 Cs. In the coming era, Riviera will help you create an environment where you can work more relaxedly and freely.

This is also a “remote” practice.

“Yuzo Kayama’s New World” ~ It’s the sea! It's live! Talk!
Live streaming from the large location Zushi Marina! ~

``I think it would look great if the ocean was the background for my live performance, so Zushi Marina is the best possible setting for me right now,'' said Yuzo Kayama. Riviera also agreed and supported this performance, which was donated to "Music Cross Aid"! !

Yuzo Kayama

Momoiro Clover Z
“Hello from Momoclo Summer Idiot 2020 Distribution Site”

The annual summer event has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Momoclo made an urgent request, saying, ``In this place with such a diverse background, I want to do something that I can't do at a concert live.'' Only 2 weeks to prepare! ! We responded with all our efforts, including the sea, ships, various event venues, lawn and palm gardens, and pools.

Momoiro Clover Z

living with nature

4. Growing expectations for the sea and what lies ahead

People wish for peace at any time, seek healing in the extraordinary, and return to their daily lives with a purified mind.
This time, I once again felt the meaning of living in harmony with nature.

Yacht race

3 Expectations for the secret sea

Recently, The Riviera Resort Club has been receiving increasing attention, and we have received many inquiries and requests for interviews from customers. When you go out to sea, it's 360 degrees open air. We see this as ``increasing expectations for the sea.''
Although Japan is surrounded by the sea, it does not have a maritime culture like Europe and America. The Riviera Resort Club was started in 2007 as a completely members-only club where you can enjoy the comfort of going out on the ocean from a variety of club boats and share them according to your purpose. We were once again reminded of this.
We have heard that spending time in nature "washes away the evil spirits from feeling confined" and "frees you from the coronavirus." Riviera will do everything in its power to meet your expectations.

Even in the new normal, our passion remains unchanged

We would like to thank all members for their cooperation in good manners at sea and infection control measures based on Riviera guidelines.
While various yacht races have been canceled across the country, the ``16th Trans Sagami Yacht Race 2020'' co-sponsored by Riviera has been attracting attention from race-related people across the country. While taking into consideration everyone's opinions, we have decided to hold the race after taking all possible precautions. Approximately 50 boats participated in the race in support of the new normal race management. I could see everyone's passion in their unwavering attitude.
We will always seek ways to suit the times of the "new normal" and build a new era in order to preserve tradition and culture.


Aerial view of Riviera Seabornia Marina. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the vast nature continues to remain abundantly close to us.

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