Published April 2020

Noboru Watanabe

Riviera Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman and President

Noboru Watanabe

I wish you a life with a rich heart and a shining personality.

The coronavirus pandemic still shows no signs of ending. However, the situation in society is such that we can no longer wait. People have no choice but to accept this reality and, through trial and error, have begun to live their daily lives "with coronavirus."
We at the Riviera Group only provide "unnecessary and non-urgent" items. Gatherings, leisure time, gourmet food, and hobbies are not necessary just to survive. However, it is also true that the existence of ``non-essential'' things such as entertainment, art, and education has created spiritual richness and made each person's individuality shine. Even in a society affected by the coronavirus, industries that bring color to life will have a big role to play.
That's why we want to be the Riviera that people remember first. I hope so.

I can do it now
work sincerely

To this end, all of our employees have worked together and sincerely focused on what we can do now and what new things we can tackle.
Even during the state of emergency, we took advantage of the convenience of online meetings and made preparations to move forward.
Thanks to you, we were able to welcome customers to both Riviera Zushi Marina and Riviera Seabornia Marina this summer. In addition, we are receiving more inquiries about real estate in the Shonan area than ever before, and we are realizing the high expectations for Shonan, which is just one hour from the city center.
We would also like to express our gratitude for your continued patronage of Riviera Tokyo in Ikebukuro, which is located in the heart of Tokyo but is surrounded by greenery. The style of the wooden Japanese house, which has inherited the tradition since the Japanese restaurant "Hakuunkaku", is also in line with the "new normal" of avoiding the three Cs. We will continue to further refine the clean and tranquil space that we have cultivated over the past 3 years since our opening.

Never stop realizing and learning

The things we have taken for granted up until now are valuable and precious, and I have become even more grateful for them, and at the same time, I have learned a lot from the coronavirus pandemic. If we look back at history, we can see that humans have endured various disasters and moved forward based on the realizations and lessons learned from them. We at Riviera will never stop moving forward.
Currently, in Sagami Bay, the historic wooden sailing ship "Shinara", which was recently completely restored, is quietly undergoing sail training at sea. When you stand in front of the 1927 Cynara, which has witnessed the advancement of technological innovation and globalization, you feel the depth of its ``essence''. Synara is a true flagship, a symbol of the essence of Riviera.
Because these are days when we can't see a way out, we think from a new perspective, take on challenges, and do our best to do what we need to do now. Since its founding, Riviera has continued to ``challenge to change'' in accordance with the times, and this is the true value of Riviera, and this has always led to individual growth. I believe that we can create and leave behind valuable human assets, not just individual staff members.
After the intense summer heat, the sea of ​​Kanagawa is entering its beautiful season. Please come to Zushi and Miura. And of course Ikebukuro. We look forward to seeing you, taking all possible infection prevention measures and offering the same hospitality as ever.

Share awareness and abundance with everyone

Since I was physically unable to move due to the coronavirus, I was able to devote a lot of time to contemplation.
The days were tough but I learned a lot. I would like to share the realizations and spiritual richness I have gained in this way with everyone and make 2021 a bright year. Thank you for your continued support this year.

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