A second and third life with Riviera

Published April 2020



by experts
Learning that deepens the spirit of intellectual inquiry.

≪Example of seminar≫
■Asset management and housing
■Food important for pre-symptomatic diseases
■Medical care for healthy activities, etc.


発 見

gained through various interactions
New perspectives, new discoveries.

≪An example of an event≫
■Music event
■Friday meeting
■Family-friendly Christmas party, etc.



In new experiences and awareness
purpose of life

≪Example of workshop≫
■Culture that colors a polite life
■A sea lifestyle surrounded by nature
■Volunteering, social contribution, etc.

As a partner who walks together with us in our second and third lives.

Suggestions for a better lifestyle. That is Riviera's idea. To this end, we have restaurants that will fill your stomach with conversation and delicious food, hotels where you can relax your body and mind, and marinas and resorts where you can enjoy nature with your whole body and soothe your spirit. In addition, we have supported a variety of events for families, friends, corporations, and organizations with a variety of event venues and banquets, and have also produced weddings that will be the best days of your life.
Our desire is to use the Riviera as a gathering place where people can connect and lead a richer lifestyle.
In the summer of 2020, we launched the members-only club ``Riviera Life Design Club'' based on this idea. At this club, we will work with you to think about how you want to lead your second and third lives, and we will support you as a coordinator.

“End of Life/Ocean Funerals that Deepen Bonds ~Celebration of Life~”

In life, we meet various people, and the present is an extension of that experience. And your life will become brighter towards the end. At the Riviera Life Design Club, we hold gatherings to forge bonds, such as ``gratitude gatherings,'' where you can spend quality time with people you have met through connections, and ``longevity celebrations,'' with relatives and friends. Our Ending Planner will help you prepare for the end of your life so that you can have the ideal journey you have envisioned.
And when the deceased reaches the end of their life, a Riviera Ocean Funeral is a celebration of life that honors the life of the deceased. The deceased departed from the beautiful sea of ​​Shonan, traveled around the world on the Kuroshio Current, and returned to the sea of ​​Shonan. A year or two from now, everyone will be there to greet and talk with each other, and the bonds the deceased forged will last forever. Even if they do not visit the grave, the bereaved family can always be surrounded by the love of the deceased, and can live their lives feeling the presence of the deceased, and the deceased can always watch over the bereaved family. Please come and experience a fulfilling life in harmony with nature at Riviera.

celebration of life

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