Published April 2018

Noboru Watanabe

Riviera Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman and President

Noboru Watanabe

from the bottom up
Environmental conservation activities started

The year has come to an end, and the time has come to take another step forward. 2019 is the year of replacement. At this major turning point for our country, we at the Riviera Group will do our best to pass on a better society to the next generation.
One of the hot topics in 2018 is the "microplastic problem." We have seen with our own eyes that an urgent situation is progressing as it has been proven that the substance remains in the human body through seafood. We cannot allow this to be passed off to future generations as a ``negative legacy.'' Those of us living in the present should fulfill our responsibilities for the future by doing what we can do now.
Riviera Group's stores responded immediately and launched a "Refuse the Straw" initiative to eliminate the use of plastic straws. I felt encouraged by the staff's attitude of working quickly to do what they could.
In principle, we will no longer provide plastic straws at Riviera Group facilities and stores. We will provide paper items to those who need them upon request. To be honest, I was worried about the feedback from customers who would be inconvenienced. However, so far, I have received only praise and no scolding. We are also impressed by the high level of environmental awareness among our customers.

If I don't do it now,
will be lost forever

The business we develop cannot exist without the blessings of nature. That is why we recognized that there is a deep connection between profit-making businesses and social activities, and have been engaged in a variety of initiatives from an early stage. The ``Kaiseki with Wine'' and ``Satisfying the Season'' events, which have been held since 1981, are activities to support producers who support ``food culture.'' In 2006, we began full-scale operation of the Riviera Future Creation Project, which includes marine conservation and marine education for young people. At the farm on our own premises, we use ``circular organic farming,'' and use compost made from vegetable scraps from our own kitchen to grow our own organic vegetables and provide them to our customers.
said one classic boat owner. "Old ships will be lost if we don't take care of them now." Our thoughts are the same as we work on restoring the historic wooden sailing ship ``Sinara.'' Those who receive valuable heritage have the responsibility of passing it on to the next generation.
Our practices are also in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. The global environment is also an important legacy from our ancestors. Of the 17 SDGs, the 12th goal is ``Responsible Production and Consumption.'' We, who created this society and use the earth today, have a responsibility.
No. 17: “Let's achieve our goals through partnership.” Riviera also fulfills its responsibility. Let's join hands with everyone.

Riviera farm

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