A conversation with the owner of the prestigious boat builder "NAUTOR'S SWAN"

Published April 2018

Mr. Leonardo Ferragamo (right) and Watanabe, chairman and president of Riviera Holdings, exchanged club flags as "comrades" who love the sea and boats.

Contributed to the development of new boats

Finnish boat builder NAUTOR'S SWAN, known for its 100ft class large boats, is the dream of sailors around the world. In Japan, Riviera Resort has been the sole agent since 2016.
The owner of this prestigious boat builder is Leonardo Ferragamo. Mr. Ferragamo, who is himself well-known as a talented yachtsman, comes from a family of world-famous fashion brands. At the invitation of Mr. Ferragamo, I visited the Ferragamo headquarters for the first time in a year.
The promise to "see you again" was fulfilled.
We revisited Ferragamo's headquarters, which is a renovated medieval aristocratic palace in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and enjoyed the exhibits at the ``Ferragamo Museum'' with the help of Mr. Ferragamo. We got a glimpse of the origins of Ferragamo's manufacturing, with its attention to detail. The theme of this exhibition was America during the time when Ferragamo crossed the country. Authentic shoes from the time that were custom-made for Hollywood stars are on display, and some models are even sold exclusively at the Florence main store.
While enjoying a meal together in a high-quality room that retains the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, we had a great conversation about the world's shipping situation and future prospects.
At a previous meeting, Mr. Ferragamo said, ``It is reassuring for NAUTOR'S SWAN that Riviera, which listens to the voices of boat enthusiasts every day, is a partner of Japan.''
We believe that ``Japanese yacht owners admire SWAN's large boats, but considering the port situation in Japan, the hurdles for ships over 70ft are high. When I told them, ``I'd love to have a boat,'' they confidently agreed, ``That's a valuable opinion that only a partner can have. Let's talk to the Finnish workshop right away.'' Since then, a new mid-class boat has been born.
At this "Monaco Yacht Show 2018", SWAN is exhibiting a new 115ft boat. "I'm really happy that people got to see this new boat in person at the Monaco Yacht Show," said Ferragamo. Although communication methods and tools for transmitting information are abundant these days, he emphasized the importance of meeting each other, seeing the real thing, and talking directly with each other. "We are friends. I would like to meet all the members of the Riviera. We are waiting for you in the Mediterranean!"

Cinara and Riviera
I'm lucky to meet you

As a well-known sailor, Mr. Ferragamo was also very interested in the historic wooden sailing ship ``Synara'' that we are working on restoring in Japan.

Mr. Ferragamo: "In the first place, where and how did you guys in Japan find Cinara?"

Watanabe: “When Riviera took over the Zushi Marina and Seabornia Marina businesses, we also took over the Shinara that was moored at Seabornia Marina. In order to survive, I polished up Shinara and searched for a way to pass it on to the next generation.Japan does not have the technology to restore large wooden sailing ships, and I thought I would have no choice but to watch it rot away, but in 90 In 2017, we made a big decision and called in experts from overseas to launch a restoration project.Currently, we have 10 shipwrights from 30 countries around the world.When we investigated, we found that the ship was originally built 90 years ago. We know that over 7% of the parts can be polished and used again."

Mr. Ferragamo: "As you know, the restoration of classic yachts has attracted attention in Europe and the United States. It's amazing that there are still vintage yachts in such good condition, far away in Japan! There are only about 30 large boats in the world. Vintage. I think you guys at Riviera are truly lucky to be able to restore her, which could be called the last of its kind."

Watanabe: ``Please be sure to attend the launching ceremony, which will give the 90-year-old Shinara another 100 years of life.''

Mr. Ferragamo: "I'm excited about the launching ceremony, which has a life of 100 years. I heard that the area in front of the Riviera Zushi Marina is the area where the 2020 Tokyo Olympic sailing competition will take place. I would love to see the Sinara floating over the Olympic venue.Tokyo The Olympics are a big epoch for Riviera."

Watanabe: "2020 is not the only Olympic epoch. The Riviera Country Club has been selected as the golf competition venue for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. We are also hosting the Olympics."

Mr. Ferragamo: "Great. I'm proud to be your friend."

users and manufacturers
Connect and convey your commitment

"SWANBOOK" packed with SWAN's charm and commitment is published every year.

Mr. Ferragamo: ``The words written on it are our souls. Riviera Magazine feels the same way.
Riviera not only conveys to users the details of its ships, but also proposes ways to play at sea and conveys the joy of going out on a ship through Riviera Magazine and the operation of the Riviera Resort Club. All a manufacturer can do is until it's made. I have high hopes for Riviera, which connects manufacturers and users."


A valuable exhibit at the Ferragamo Museum.

As an “integrated resort”
marina shape

door open to the mediterranean sea


"Marina di Scarlino" not only offers yachting, but also horseback riding and trekking, taking advantage of its natural location.

Mr. Ferragamo's
"My favorite place"

Marina di Scarlino, owned by Leonardo Ferragamo, is a typical marina in Tuscany. A perfect location with a magnificent green backdrop of nature. A good breeze blows across the calm ocean that stretches out before your eyes. It is one of the best marinas in the Mediterranean region and is considered ``one of the best ports'' by yachtsmen from all over Europe. Once you visit this place, it's no wonder that Mr. Leonardo praises it as ``his favorite place in the world.''
The reason why this place captures the hearts of not only sailors but also vacationers is probably because of the abundance of content ``after disembarking the ship.'' There are 100 different types of accommodation facilities and restaurants. Horseback riding, trekking, spa and fitness that take advantage of nature. Of course, rental boats are also available. It is lined with shops and also has MICE facilities for international business meetings.
In other words, it is a long-stay luxury integrated resort. ``Until recently, the mainstream was to stay for one to two weeks, but now more and more people are staying for one to two months, enjoying the resort while fully enjoying the sea,'' said general manager Alessandro Augier.
The way Marina di Scarlino exists represents a model for the direction in which Riviera is heading.

Owned by Mr. Ferragamo
Partnership with “Marina di Scarlino”

Mr. Ferragamo said, ``Now that we have a special cooperative relationship with the Japanese Riviera, we would like to invite Riviera members to come to Tuscany and enjoy the Marina di Scarlino.We are very happy to welcome them.''
The door to the Mediterranean Sea has opened for all members of the Riviera.

“Culture of being familiar with the sea”
Realizing the breadth of the base

Even if I add to that... On the drive to Marina di Scarlino, I was struck by the sheer scope of pleasure boating in the area. If there is a small cove, boats are usually moored there and many people enjoy boating.
This is also the Japanese seascape that Riviera is aiming for. We want to transcend geographical factors and foster a culture of intimacy with the sea. It was a sight that made that feeling even stronger.

“Good old things”
Passing on to the next generation

A different approach and common thoughts from “Cinara”

classic yacht

classic yachts
``Serious game''

The yacht race "Cannes Royal Regattas 2018 (World Classic Yacht Championship)" held in Cannes, southern France, is the final race of the season of the "Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge" sponsored by the Italian luxury watch brand "Panerai." For those of us working on the restoration of ``Sinara'', we cannot miss this ``serious competition'' between classic yachts built over 40 years ago.
There are ``Vintage'' yachts built before 1949 that remain in the original design condition, ``Classic'' yachts built between 1950 and 1975, and ``Spirit'' yachts built in recent years based on classic yacht designs.・Of Tradition Department”. Races fall into these three categories. This year, the 3th time the event was held, 14 boats entered the 20ft-40ft class, 80 boats entered the 65ft-98ft class, and 20 boats entered the 98ft and above class, which is the same as Synara.
Mr. Chuck, who is a rigger (mast and sail expert) who is the key to wooden sailing ships, and a member of the Sinara restoration team, welcomed us in Cannes.
Even though they were busy preparing for the yacht race, NAEMA's owner and captain took the time to show us around the polished interior of the boat, and they cared about Sinara. Later, we received a happy letter from NAEMA captain Florian Franke, who told us that we had come 2nd in our class. In addition, PURITAN's owner and captain said, ``Are you the ones who are reviving that Cinara? I had heard rumors of your great success, but I didn't know that you were working on it all the way in Japan...'' Now, you guys have decided to restore it. It means a lot.The same goes for the ships participating here, but the ties between those who have inherited something historic are strong, and we are all part of the family.We welcome Riviera, which handles the Synara," he said in truly warm words. of.
There are only a handful of intact wooden ships built in the first half of the 20th century left. Shinara is one of those precious ships. The words of these people made me realize once again that the world is watching us.


I realized again
Shinara's "miracle"

If we don't restore it now, the good old thing will rot away - that feeling is exactly the same as ours. However, the classic yachts that compete in the Cannes Royal Regattas are ships that compete in harsh time races. Although the appearance is a reproduction of the boat when it was built, there are also ``replicas'' that make full use of the latest materials and technology, and use only new parts to create a new boat that looks just like the time it was built.
Many of the classic yachts have been retrofitted by building new ones according to the original design, and at most 3% of the materials left over from the time of construction remain. Even if it's only 1%, it will be treated as an original and not a replica. Regardless of the survival rate, I was surprised at the level of pride in being an original with historic parts.
On the other hand, with Synara, our main focus is to "legacy" it to the future, and our goal is to carefully polish each part and utilize 7% of the hull materials before we begin the restoration. thing. The reason Cynara is said to be a miracle is because it maintained conditions that made it possible.
In fact, many of the engineers and craftsmen who work on the boats participating in Cannes Royal Regattas also cooperate with Sinara's project. The people who watch the heated competition in classic yachts are like-minded comrades to us.
I was once again humbled by the high expectations. There is only one year left until we can share the joy of launching with boat enthusiasts around the world.

In a principality steeped in “mega yachts”

Visiting “Monaco Yacht Show 2018”
Monaco Yacht Club Courtesy Call


1 Yachts fill the Port of Hercule, which is well-known as the starting point for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix auto race. By the way, "yacht" here refers to pleasure boats in general, and is different from the Japanese version that refers to small sailing ships. Some of the ships are over 100m long.
2 On board NAUTOR'S SWAN's new boat "115" on display at the Monaco Boat Show venue.
3 Monaco Yacht Club

In the mega yacht market
Expectations for the Riviera are rising

The ``Boat Show'' is normally held in Yokohama every March, but the ``Monaco Yacht Show 3'', which is described as ``the world's largest'', is quite different in scale and atmosphere from the one in Japan. I am. As befits a social gathering place for celebrities, Port Hercule is home to large, luxurious yachts. The world of ``mega yachts'' that will be arriving in Japan in the near future is expanding.
NAUTOR'SSWAN's new boat ``115'' on display is a race boat, but it also focuses on high livability. As Group CEO Giovanni Pomati gave us a tour, we were able to see every detail of the new boat.
The clubhouse of the Monaco Yacht Club, where I was invited and warmly welcomed, is truly a high-quality European social gathering place.
In the future, the focus on Asia, especially Japan, for mega yachts continues to grow. At Monaco YachtShow 2018, we could hear the voices of expectations for the Riviera.

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