Concert and dinner to enjoy spring

Published April 2019

Ikuyo Nakamichi

Riviera offers a wide variety of spaces and the latest facilities, from easily accessible city center venues to resort-like seaside venues, so we have the styles we can offer. From small meetings and dinners, to lectures, exhibitions, various ceremonies, and large parties. We will create a new place of communication where that day will lead to tomorrow's business. This time we would like to introduce some of them.

Spend a relaxing spring time listening to the finest piano performance. On April 5th Fri., a salon concert and dinner inviting Japan's leading pianist, Ikuyo Nakamichi, was held at "Blue Vista" in Riviera Zushi Marina.

Elegant on a yacht
Welcome drink

A welcome time performance unique to Zushi Marina.
The setting is aboard a large catamaran yacht. Enjoy a lively conversation while enjoying some finger food with a glass of champagne in hand.
It was impressive to see the guests holding their cameras as they watched the spring sun gradually set.

Get drunk with Nakamichi's performance

The concert finally started when Mr. Nakamichi appeared on the stage, which had a large arrangement of cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Along with performances of several pieces, including ``Eight Piano Pieces'' Op. 8 composed by Johannes Brahms and ``La Magnificent Bolognaise'' Op. 76 composed by Frédéric Chopin, they talked about their thoughts on each piece.

possibilities of music
Established "Music is the Hirakku Future"

Mr. Nakamichi has won numerous awards at competitions overseas and is active as a pianist representing Japan in both popularity and ability.
Last year, you launched the ``Ikuyo Nakamichi Road to 200 Project'' in preparation for 2027, the 2027 anniversary of Beethoven's death, and also established the general incorporated association ``Music ga Hirakku Mirai.''

It changes moment by moment
Admire the fantastic Mt. Fuji

The stage, with Mt. Fuji rising against the bright red sunset in the background, looks like a movie set. Guests were mesmerized by the piano melody amidst the fantastical scenery.
It was an extremely special stage where you could also see the miracle "Diamond Fuji" that only happens for one day every six months.

Ikuyo Nakamichi
Ikuyo Nakamichi
Enjoy spring ingredients
marina resort

Enjoy spring ingredients

After the concert, there will be a dinner party held at the Bayshore venue.
Appetizers include plenty of spring ingredients such as tree buds and firefly squid, shark fin soup, and sashimi made with wild sea bream caught in Sagami Bay. In addition, on the wooden deck terrace with a chef's kitchen, guests can enjoy charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef, nigiri sushi, seafood shabu-shabu, and other dishes prepared right in front of their eyes.

marina resort
Unique to the Riviera
quality time

This time's venue, ``Blue Vista,'' is a private guest house closest to the sea, designed to harmonize with the blue sea and sky, with a ship's sail as its motif.
Since we are a high-quality marina resort for adults, we offer parties and meetings that can only be experienced at Zushi Marina.


Ikuyo Nakamichi


He made his debut in Japan and Europe after receiving awards at home and abroad, including first place at the 51st Japan Music Competition and highest place at the Geneva International Music Competition. She is a pianist representing Japan in both popularity and ability. He has made numerous recordings, including the Recording Academy Award-winning CD of ``Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas''. In 1, we started the "Ikuyo Nakamichi Road to 2018 Project" and are currently developing a recital series in preparation for 200, the 2027 anniversary of Beethoven's death. He is a representative director of the Ongaku ga Hirak Mirai General Incorporated Association, a director of the Regional Creation Foundation, a professor at Toho Gakuen University, and a specially appointed professor at Osaka College of Music.

Ikuyo Nakamichi

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