Published April 2019

Riviera Resort Club

Crabs dancing with their scissors in the air, birds singing various melodies, and colorful wild cherry blossoms covering the ground...
With the arrival of spring, the season of fresh greenery has arrived. This is the time of the year when you can feel the vitality and breath of nature the most.
We offer two cruising plans to fully enjoy this charm.

Zushi Marina ~ Koajiro Bay
nature appreciation cruise

About 10 minutes after departing from Riviera Zushi Marina, the first thing that catches your eye is the wild cherry blossoms of Hayama, Zushi, which is worthy of the place name ``Sakurayama''. The charm of wild cherry blossoms, which are dyed in ancient colors, is that you can enjoy the unique hues and colors that change every day.

Sounds from the mysterious forest
birds chirping

After enjoying the blessings of nature, head to Koajiro Bay. As you enter the bay, it is quiet and you can hear the chirping of birds such as herons, shrike, warblers, and black kites.
Once you disembark at Riviera Seabornia Marina, you can walk for about 10 minutes to Koajiro Forest, one of the best natural environments in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Approximately 2000 species of living creatures, including red crabs, live there, and forests, rivers, and tidal flats, including the headwaters, remain undeveloped. It's truly a "mysterious forest".

Courtship dance on the tidal flats
Competition of crabs

When the tide is low, the courtship dance of the blue crabs that takes place on the tidal flats is a must-see. I never get tired of watching him move the scissors up and down. In early summer, it's a romantic night forest filled with fireflies. Seeing living creatures living their lives in their natural state is sure to refresh your soul.

Ooka River Canal Cruise
Cherry blossom viewing cruise, a spring tradition

You can enjoy the spectacular cherry blossom tunnel while watching the bustle of the Cherry Blossom Festival held along the Ooka River, one of Yokohama's popular spots, from the boat. The scenery of Minato Mirai is also impressive.
Please enjoy the ``Nature Cruise'' that can only be enjoyed at this time of year.

(The Riviera Resort Club Manager)

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