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Sailing World Cup Series Enoshima Tournament

Published April 2019

reception party

It's late August, less than a year until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As the ``marina closest to the race area,'' Riviera fully cooperates with the operation of the Olympic sailing competition, and we hosted an important reception party. The eve of the Sailing World Cup Series Enoshima Tournament, a world sailing competition. We have invited all those involved to foster mutual friendship for the success of this World Sailing and the upcoming Olympic sailing competition, and to express our gratitude for the opportunity to assist in the management of this wonderful event. This is a meeting. I'll let you know how the party went.

olympic sailing competition

(From left) Royal Spanish Sailing Federation Vazquez, Director of Olympic Preparation, President Casa Nueva, Riviera Watanabe, Kobayashi, Yamazaki

olympic sailing competition
reception party
reception party

management leaders
passionate discussion

The World Cup tournament, which is held in the same region the year before the Olympic Games are held, also serves as a rehearsal for the Olympics. Of course, for the participating athletes, each match is a serious competition, but for those involved in the management, it can be said to be the final stage of the preparation activities that have been accumulated over several years with an eye on the Olympics, and it is also a place to actually test their cooperation. .
The Sailing World Cup Series Enoshima Tournament, in which athletes from about 50 countries around the world competed, started from August 25th Sun. to September 1st Sun. The reception hosted by Riviera was held on August 28th Wednesday at Riviera Zushi Marina.
Those who gathered together were World Sailing (formerly International Sailing Federation) event committee chairperson Alistella Fox and other tournament officials, as well as executives from the sailing department from the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, and the host city of Kanagawa Prefecture. Deputy Governor Asaba, Mayor Suzuki of Fujisawa City, leaders and executives of surrounding local governments, the chairman of the Kanagawa Prefectural Fisheries Federation, representatives of surrounding yacht clubs, and other local collaborators.
As it was a gathering of top leaders, the speeches were friendly but also had a lot of weight to them. ``I was able to confirm once again the unity of all parties involved.'' ``Thank you for creating a place where all members could meet.'' ``It was also significant that representatives from surrounding clubs and fishermen came.'' ...and received high praise. We also received a congratulatory telegram from Congressman Shinjiro Koizumi, who understands the challenges of hosting a local event. In order to work together towards the success of the Games, the leaders transcended their differences in position and had a peaceful yet passionate discussion.

Spanish national team
Acceptance of campsite for 2nd year

The strong men of Spain, the land of the sun, have returned to Riviera Zushi Marina! This year, the second period of pre-Olympic training camp, we returned to Japan on June 2th, just before the Sailing World Cup Series Enoshima, and camped at Riviera Zushi Marina.
The staff at Riviera Zushi Marina, who support the Spanish team's players and coaches, are in great hands.
Riviera is very happy that the Spanish team finished the Enoshima tournament with a good result.
The team said, ``Thank you for creating an environment where I could concentrate on practice.Thanks to that, we were able to achieve good results.'' In response to these words, Riviera intends to expand its circle of goodwill.

Spanish team welcome party

Spanish team welcome party held at Riviera Zushi Marina

Spanish team welcome party

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