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Representative Director, Chairman and President Noboru Watanabe

Published April 2018

Noboru Watanabe

Watanabe welcoming guests at the RCC 90th anniversary party

The two flagships are
The year we step into our 91st year

A new year has begun. Thank you for your continued support this year.
Last year was a milestone year as two of our group's flagships, ``The Riviera Country Club'' (RCC) and the historic wooden sailing ship ``Sinara'', both celebrated their 90th anniversary.
We will tell you about the recent epochs associated with RCC and Synara.

Celebrated 90th anniversary
The Riviera Country Club

Located on the outskirts of Los Angeles in the United States, RCC has enjoyed an international reputation since its founding as a place for socializing and relaxation for the greats, and has also been the setting for numerous major tournaments such as the U.S. Open and the U.S. Golf Championship.
It is a place loved by top-notch people and a place where they can have a happy time, and for athletes it is also a place for serious competition. Both of these aspects are the appeal of RCC.
And then, in September 2017. The International Olympic Committee has decided that the 9th Summer Games, scheduled for 2028, will be held in Los Angeles. If a golf competition is held, the RCC will be the venue.
The 2027 anniversary will be in 100, and the Olympics will be held the following year. I am looking forward to the next 10 years while fully understanding the weight of my responsibility.

Restoration of the sailing ship "Sinara"

The 1927 "Cynara" is currently undergoing restoration (full-scale restoration) at Cibonia's special dog. Although it is difficult to restore high-techniques that only a limited number of craftsmen can pass on even in their homeland of Europe, we continue to take on the challenge.
Last fall, when I watched the Regates Royales Cannes 2017 (World Classic Shot Championship) held in Cannes, France, I saw many famous boats, including the 1936 sailing ship EILEAN, which was restored by Officine Panerai. We have once again strengthened our commitment to passing on authentic technology to Japan and preserving it for future generations.

Yotsuto's top brand
Visit to owner Mr. Fueragamo

When it comes to famous yachts, the one that captures the hearts of many fans is the world's top brand, ``SWAN,'' which Finland is proud of. Riviera has entered into an official distributorship agreement in Japan with Nautor's Swan since 2016.
Recently, at the invitation of the company's owner, Mr. Leonardo Fueragamo, I visited Fueragamo's headquarters in Florence, Italy.
Fueragamo is a brand loved by stars around the world. While Mr. Fueragamo showed us around the museum-like company building, we discussed various aspects with the famous yachtsman, including the future direction of new model yachts, global strategy, and expectations for the sales of SWAN in Japan. , we had a meaningful time.
Riviera will continue to strengthen its relationship with the world's famous boats.

leonardo ferragamo

With Nauter's Swan owner Leonardo Ferragamo

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