Published April 2018

Yuzo Kayama

He is a well-known superstar with one of the best achievements in the entertainment world as an actor, singer, songwriter, etc. Yuzo Kayama is full of energy even though he is over 80 years old. Mr. Kayama is one of the best seamen who operates his own boat, the Koshinmaru. Riviera and the Japan Sailing Federation jointly sponsor the ``Riviera Zushi Marina Young General Cup,'' a yacht race that bears its nickname.


Yuzo Kayama


Born on April 1937th in 11 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, from Chigasaki City. He has been interested in sports and music since childhood, and became fascinated with ships at the age of 11. At the age of 23, he signed an exclusive contract with Toho, made his film debut in ``Otoko to otoko'' in the same year, and debuted as a singer in ``Yoro no Taiyo'' the following year. The movie ``The Young General Series'' became a big hit and became his masterpiece, and ``You and Forever'', released in 1965, was a huge hit, selling 350 million copies. At that time, the bromides recorded explosive sales, especially among female students. She has been active at the forefront for many years as a pioneer singer-songwriter in Japan. In 2010, on the occasion of her 50th anniversary in the entertainment industry, she received the Chigasaki City Citizen Honor Award. In 2011, she won the 61st Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Art Encouragement Award in the popular entertainment category. In 2014, she was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun with Small Ribbon in the autumn investiture. In June 2017, she won the 6th Tokiko Iwatani Award.

With a nickname that everyone knows
Yacht race

Kanagawa Prefecture has been selected as the venue for the sailing competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In response to this, the prefecture has been holding the largest yacht festival in history, ``ENJOY Umi KA-NAGAWA'', since 2016 as part of the ``FeelShonan'' project to spread the joy of sports and leisure at sea. Riviera is also on the executive committee.
The honorary chairman of this major event is Yuzo Kayama, a representative of men who love the sea.The yacht race that marks the finale of the event is called the Yuzo Kayama Invitational Riviera Zushi Marina Young General Cup. It is loved.
The 2017rd competition on October 8th, 3 ended with great success. While the excitement of the race has not yet cooled down, the national concert tour ``Congratulations! Happy 80th!'' We spoke to Mr. Kayama, who is aggressively preparing for the Wakadaisho's one-night-only "all locations" special live.

100 boats sailing through Sagami Bay
Elementary school students who won top prizes

This year's ``Waka Taisho Cup'' was held in perfect conditions.
``Both the race and the concert were great.The race itself was canceled due to bad weather last time, so I was even more happy.
Before the start, when we took a spectator boat out to sea, nearly 100 yachts approached us and waved to greet us, but all of them were in good spirits and started all at once, heading towards Enoshima. It was truly spectacular. After all, the sea is nice~!!! Sagami Bay is nice~!!”
This race originally ran for many years as the ``Zushi Marina Cup,'' but since it became the ``Riviera Zushi Marina Young General Cup,'' the number of participants has increased even more, and it has become a popular yacht race both in name and reality.
"It's an honor to hear that. I've been supporting this race, which is well-known among enthusiasts as a big race in Sagami Bay, since it was held in 2015. Participating in the race We decided to name it the ``Waka Taisho Cup'' in response to the strong love we received from people who love yachting.'' Mr. Kayama's enthusiastic support is contributing to expanding the base of yacht enthusiasts.
“I would be really happy if the number of people who love the sea increases even just a little bit through my cooperation.
For this reason, in addition to the traditional "Cruiser Yacht Race," the Wakasho Cup also began a "Dinghy Yacht Race" in 2016. Dinghy is a sailing category that became a competitive sailing event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and it is said to be a boat type that is easy for anyone to participate in, regardless of their age or competitive experience.
In fact, in this year's dinghy race, a team consisting of a second grade boy and his father came in second place.
"It's amazing! I hope more people, including children, will take on the challenge in future tournaments."

Players and officials are excited too
A sense of unity at a special live performance

At the ``Wakadaisho Cup'', the special live performance at the award ceremony was also a big hit. ``It's like this every time, but the athletes who participate in the post-race concert get excited from the beginning, so I always feel comfortable singing.
In the last song of the live performance, we spoke to the overall winning boats of the Cruiser Yacht Race/Dinghy Yacht Race, the sponsor companies, Governor Yuji Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture, and Akio Kobayashi, President of Riviera Resort, which is the main body responsible for running the race. I asked them to come up on stage and we all sang my song ``Umi So Ai'' and had a great time. I like this heat.”
Riviera also hopes that the ``Waka Taisho Cup'' will continue for many years to come, and that the number of participants will further increase, revitalizing marine sports.

Yuzo Kayama
Yuzo Kayama

Tokyo Olympics sailing competition
Also serves as “cheer leader”

Mr. Kayama will also serve as the “cheer leader” for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic sailing competition, which will be held in his hometown, Sagami Bay (off the coast of Enoshima).
“I really love the sea, have been sailing since I was a teenager, and am still sailing today at 10 years old.
Although I was born in Yokohama, I moved to Chigasaki when I was 2 years old and grew up swimming in the sea of ​​Chigasaki, which is famous for its rough rocks.
When I was in elementary school, my tutor was a student at the University of Merchant Marine, and while he was learning about boats, I fell in love with boats, and at the age of 18, I built my first motorboat."
That was the beginning of the famous "Koshinmaru". The current Koshinmaru is the third generation.
“Sailing is a ``fight against nature.'' Having become obsessed with surfing at the age of 15, I know this first-hand.By encouraging sailors, I have won many medals. If I could get it... That's what I thought, so I accepted the role of cheerleader."
The excitement surrounding this year's Young Masters Cup is sure to have the effect of greatly increasing interest in the Olympic sailing competition.
``It's no good if only a few enthusiasts or locals are excited about it. It's important to create a big buzz, let as many people know about it, and get everyone excited about it. I'll do whatever it takes to do that.
It seems that Yuzo Kayama is holding some kind of amazing yacht race in Sagami Bay, and the Olympic yacht race will also be held in Sagami Bay...If I could help people all over the country know about it, I would like to do something like this. I couldn't be happier.
It's for my beloved yacht and my home ocean."
Mr. Kayama spoke with even more enthusiasm as he passed the age of his life.
He is truly an “eternal young general.”

Visited every year on the Koshinmaru

Mr. Kayama, who enjoys marine life on his beloved boat Koshinmaru, which has Nishiizu as its home port, is looking forward to visiting Riviera Zushi Marina.
``As we leave Nishi-Izu and enter Sagami Bay via Irozaki, we see a familiar landscape. First, we can see Hatsushima off the coast of Ito, and then from Chigasaki, Enoshima comes into view. At this moment, I feel like I'm back. The voyage to Zushi Marina is also a nostalgic journey for me.
As we cross Enoshima and enter the route of Zushi Marina, all the staff are waiting at the pier to take the Koshinmaru's moyashi. I'm really happy with this warmth."
They also like the exotic atmosphere of Zushi Marina.
``It's interesting that even though it's so close to Tokyo, it doesn't feel like Japan at all, it has an atmosphere like the south of France.When I come to Zushi Marina, I always have guests over, and when it's their first time, they're all surprised.What a wonderful marina it is. I think so too.”
Enjoy Zushi Marina for many years to come, young general!!

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