At Ristorante AO, works by various artists are exhibited every two months.
In January and February, the ``fortune flowers ~Hirao Kaori Exhibition~'' will be held.

There are also events where the person himself attends.
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[Special project] Adult coloring workshop x lunch

February 22nd Thu.

■“Adult coloring workshop full of flowers” ​​
Create a coloring book for adults using a coloring book with 13 flower pictures. The art material is not colored pencils, but Kansai, which is a Japanese color. A piece of work is completed by coloring with a waterbrush on water-filled printing paper. Would you like to display your finished work in your room as a souvenir?

Time: 10: 00 to 12: 00
Reservation: Phone only
Price: 10,000 yen (tax and service charge included)
*Includes coloring book + AO pasta lunch + workshop fee
Options: Room decoration mat and frame +5,000 yen (tax included/reservation required)

"Adult Coloring Book" Workshop
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Kaoru Hirao


Born in Kobe in 1972. Graduated from Saga Art Junior College. His style is inspired by travel and nature, and he is active in illustration work using a variety of art materials. She has been in charge of the cover illustrations for world-famous bestsellers such as Paulo Coelho's ``The Alchemist'' and ``Veronica Decided to Die.''
He has an atelier on a small mountain near the sea in Shonan Zushi, where he actively creates photographs, essays, and other works from all angles while living close to nature. His books include ``Soba Only Walk'' (Akira Publishing) and ``Tachi no Walk'' (Information Center Publishing Bureau).

He has also held many solo exhibitions.
January 2023 “ainu no karasu no ohanashi” Jiyugaoka DIGINNER GALLERY
July 2023 “a flower language of you…” Ginza Itoya

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