It is also recommended for anniversaries with loved ones, adult celebrations, graduation, admission and admission.
Have a wonderful anniversary for a memorable day.

open time

Lunch time 11: 30-15: 30 (14:00 LO)

Dinner time 17: 00-21: 00 (19:30 LO)


Lunch / Adult 5,500 person XNUMX yen (tax included)
Dinner / Adult 14,300 person XNUMX yen (tax included)

* A service charge (10%) will be charged separately.

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  • Lunch course / XNUMX dishes in total
    Amuse, appetizer, pasta, fish or meat dishes, dolce
  • Dinner course / XNUMX dishes
    Amuse, appetizer①, appetizer②, pasta, fish dishes, Hayama beef, dolce


  • Message plate provided at dessert
  • Commemorative photo gift
  • Change dessert to 8 cm size seasonal fruit tart 
    Tabletop preserved flower arrangement gift
    (* Only for dinner)


* Please apply by phone or from the reservation form on the website.
* Due to the preparation of ingredients, please make a reservation one week before.


For those planning to stay

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