Although it has a healthy impression, it is actually a Japanese food with a lot of sugar.Whether you are a healthy person who overeats during the New Year holidays or you are worried about dietary restrictions, please enjoy the "low-carbohydrate" Japanese food that everyone can eat equally and deliciously.

Date and time |

2021 February 1st Mon. ~ February 28th Sun.

Offer menu |

Low-Carb Course-5,500 Yen

 Shimotsukare (wholesale of salted salmon and roasted soybeans)
 Steamed shrimp and scallops
 Steamed chicken
 Escargot sauce of octopus and eryngii
 Sea bream kelp 〆 with unflowered flowers

 <Meat dishes>
 Grilled beef salad

 Sea bream yudofu
 Instead of scrolls

 Souffle cheesecake

* All listed prices include tax
* 10% service charge will be charged only at dinner time.
* Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.
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