For a limited time, we will prepare meals that include plenty of fresh ingredients from Ehime prefecture!

Period |

2020 October 15th Thu. ~ 2020 November 30th Mon.
* Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Iyo Bijin (taro), a specialty of Ehime, is used for "Imo-cooking", a local dish of Ehime.
In addition, it is a menu that incorporates "Iyo beef" and "Mikan bream".
In addition, Kumakogen rice (Koshihikari) is available as new rice, so you can enjoy even clay pot rice.


〇Recommended fish and meat dishes

 (Assorted seasonal appetizers / Iyo Bijin's potato stew / Mikan simmered or Iyo beef roast and muscle stew / Cooked clay pot rice)

* Please choose either meat or fish at the time of booking

3,200 Yen

〇Lunch limited Mikan sea bream chazuke set

 You can order when you come to the store

800 Yen


〇 Chef's recommended dinner short course

 All XNUMX dishes (appetizer / fish dish / meat dish / rice / dessert)

5,000 Yen

〇 Chef's recommended dinner course

 All XNUMX dishes (appetizer / bowl / sashimi / fish dish / meat dish / rice / dessert)

7,000 Yen

How to make a reservation |

Complete reservation system by phone (TEL: 03-3981-3231)

* The number of seats is limited.Please make your reservation as soon as possible.
* Private rooms are also available (starting from 5,000 yen) Please contact us when making a reservation.

* All prices are exclusive of tax
* 10% service charge will be charged only at dinner time.
* Menu contents and prices are subject to change without notice.

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Riviera Tokyo has been certified as an "Embassy of Ehime Foods" by Ehime Prefecture.