In the garden of the tea dormitory Riviera, we offer meal plans exclusively for customers who have had a wedding ceremony at Hakuunkaku and Riviera Tokyo.Please spend a wonderful time in a memorable place on the anniversary of the milestone.

Plan information

Reception hours |

Saryo Riviera Garden During business hours (Tuesday and Wednesday regular holidays)

 Lunch time 11:30 --15:00
         <Last reception 13:00>

 Supper time 17:30 --21:00
         <Last reception 19:00>

Lunchtime meal plan |

・ Course lunch 5,000 yen

 (Appetizer / Steamed food / Sashimi / Set / Freshly cooked clay pot rice)

・ Set lunch 3,200 yen

 (Appetizer / Steamed food / Set / Freshly cooked clay pot rice)

Supper meal plan |

・ Chef's recommended full-course meal 10,000 yen

 (Appetizer / warm food / sashimi / fish cooking / meat dish / rice / dessert)

・ Special full course 7,000 yen

 (Appetizer / bowl / fish dish / meat dish / rice / dessert)

・ Short course 5,000 yen

 (Appetizer / hot food / fish dish / meat dish / rice / dessert)

Other menu |

・ <For children> Children's udon 600 yen

・ <For children> Kids plate 1,500 yen
  (Omelet rice, corn soup, etc.)

・ <For children> Steak set 6,000 yen
  (Beef steak, pilaf, gratin, etc.)

* Children's menu also requires advance reservation

Benefits |

One drink present

* All listed prices do not include tax.
* 10% service charge is charged only at dinner time.
* Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.

For customers who want a private room

Private rooms are available for lunch time of 3,000 yen and dinner time of 5,000 yen.
If you wish, please let us know at the time of booking. (Price revised from January 2021)

* Information may not be available depending on availability.
* We cannot request a room.
* Price does not include tax

Recommended options |

Bow renewal ceremony at Chapel of Memories

Bow Renewal

Translated literally, "Update of oath"
Originally in Western culture, married couple
It is a ceremony to thank each other again at family milestones and anniversaries.
Please be assured that the ceremony will be performed by dedicated staff.
At the end of the ceremony, there is also a gift song for your family.

35,000 Yen

Anniversary as a lifelong memory

Studio shot

Take a photo of your family in the photo studio inside the building
With 1 pose (XNUMX cut size)

* Additional 1 pose +8,000 yen
* Anniversary plan limited

14,000 Yen

Photographing at a memorable chapel or reception hall

Location photo

The photo will be handed over as data (CD-R) for 10 cuts.

10,000 Yen


Normal bouquet size

* We accept consultation on the color and type of flowers.
* For the latest reservation, we will leave it to you.

5,000 yen ~

Hair makeup set

Quick hair set & makeup + men's hair set (about 30 minutes)

◆ Hair: Easy hair set
   (You may come without a set of hair)

◆ Makeup: Point makeup
    (Please come to the museum after doing basic makeup at home)

5,000 yen for a couple

Whole cake

Available from size 5 (15cm / 4-6 people)
Since it is possible to increase the size according to the number of people
Please consult

* 10% service charge will be charged for orders.

5,000 yen ~

* Price does not include tax
* Option is a reservation system up to 2 weeks in advance

Reservation · Inquiries

Garden of the teahouse Riviera


[Regular holiday] Tuesday and Wednesday


* Price does not include tax
* Products and prices may change in a hurry.