Afternoon tea plan

We offer seasonal sweets handmade by pastry chefs and light meals such as sandwiches using plenty of vegetables.
Please enjoy the afternoon tea time slowly.

・ Afternoon tea plan 3,000 yen

* This plan requires reservation

One floor charter / party plan plan

It is a private space reservation plan that can be used without worrying about the surroundings.
It is perfect for moms and girls' associations.
We also have a party plan that can rent the entire Riviera Café at dinnertime after business hours.

・ [Official homepage only] One floor charter plan ¥ 2,909 per person

・ Party plan 4,000 yen per person

* This plan requires reservation


Grilled fresh vegetables with homemade roast beef
Please have a salad.
Riviera Cafe is the most popular menu.

● Grilled vegetable lunch plate

・ Millet rice 1,600 yen
・ Barrier-free bread 1,800 yen

Gluten-free power plate

Riviera Tokyo 70th anniversary menu.
We propose a gluten-free menu from the Riviera Café with the concept of "friendly to the body."
Use gluten-free rice flour bread without contamination.

● Gluten-free power plate
・ Roast beef plate 1,900 yen
・ Smoked salmon plate 1,800 yen
・ Bacon plate 1,700 yen

Veggie plate of soy meat

Vegetable hamburger using soy meat. Please enjoy with fresh vegetables.

● Soy Meat Veggieberg ¥ 1,500


The most popular and popular curry!
Healthy curry cooked slowly with only vegetables is full of umami. Please enjoy once by all means.
(With mini salad)

● Vegetable spicy curry 1,300 yen
● Vegetable spicy curry soft-boiled egg 1,400 yen


Galette, a local cuisine from Brittany, France
Buckwheat crepe with plenty of vegetables is gluten free and a healthy menu.
(With mini salad)

● Sakura shrimp and kale spring vegetable galette 1,400 yen
● Roast duck and mushroom galette 1,400 yen
● Smoked salmon and avocado galette 1,600 yen
● Thick sliced ​​bacon and grilled vegetable galette 1,400 yen

Sakura's Rich French Toast

French toast using brioche bread.
You can enjoy plump bread with homemade sauce.
(With drink)

● Sakura's Rich French Toast 1,200 yen


Crepe made from buckwheat dough
(With drink)

● Gullet crepe of maple syrup 850 yen

Sakura parfait

● Sakura and matcha parfait 1,200 yen
[Notice: Mango parfait from May]


● Cake 650 yen each

● Cake and drink set 950 yen


・ Coffee <HOT / ICE> 500 yen

・ Darjeeling <HOT / ICE> 500 yen

・ Cafe latte <HOT / ICE> 600 yen

・ Cappuccino 600 yen

・ Earl Gray 500 yen

・ Riviera Cafe Original Herbal Tea 600 yen

・ Orange juice 500 yen

▼ Alcohol

・ [Limited sale] DHC Lager Beer 330ml 800

・ Robert Mondavi Wood Bridge glass 700 bottle 2500

・ Robert Mondavi Wood Bridge CS glass 700 bottle 2500

・ Cider Val de Reims Cru Breton 250ml 900

* Price does not include tax
※ The photograph is an image
* The menu may be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation



Bread sale




[Regular Holiday] Wednesday