Product line-up

We review the diet from the ground up,
We deliver safe and safe bread with no additives

Many food additives used to enhance the shelf life and convenience of food.
We will accept and sell safe and secure bread in the store that has reviewed the environment surrounding food.
Please appreciate it.

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tel: 03-3981-3264
Gluten-free bread

Alternative gluten, thickening polysaccharide, etc.
Unused bread
[Gluten-free bread]

By appointment only

1 loaf 2160 yen (tax included)

Specially processed rice flour replaced the thickening polysaccharides and fats and oils, resulting in a fluffy rice flour 100% gluten-free bread.

Barrier-free bread

Infinitely many people
Bread that can be eaten with confidence
【Barrier Free Pan®】

Reservation possible

One 1 yen (tax included)

Bread from which the Consumer Affairs Agency has designated 27 allergic ingredients such as wheat, soybeans, and eggs as allergens.

Click here for telephone reservation
tel: 03-3981-3264

We also offer delivery for local customers. For more information, please contact us by phone.

* In the case of delivery, a separate "500 yen (excluding tax)"
* Delivery is only by "COD"
* Barrier-free bread® must be ordered in units of 10

* All prices are exclusive of tax

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