From daily use to special occasions
Experience seasonal gastronomy with outstanding ocean view



With mini salad

Spanish mackerel fried
Seasonal marinated vegetables with ginger flavor


Seabornia rice


Traditional seabonia rice with seafood pilaf and Americaine sauce

・Seafood curry with a taste of seafood 2,800 yen
・Spaghetti Bolognese 2,800 yen
・Pork cutlet over rice demi tomato sauce 3,200 yen

◆A la carte
*Lunch and dinner time only
・Pate de campagne and smoked salmon 1,400 yen
・Garlic shrimp and fried squid rings 1,300 yen
・French fries 660 yen
・Fried young chicken 1,200 yen
・Seasonal potage 400 yen

◆ Dessert
・Today's dessert 825 yen
・Ice cream (vanilla or pistachio) 825 yen
・Affogato (espresso vanilla ice cream) 825 yen

Afo guard

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・ Draft beer (mug) 880 yen
・ Non-alcoholic beer 660 yen

・Wine by the glass (red or white) 880 yen
・ Bottled wine (red / white) 5,280 yen
    * There is a separate wine list

·sparkling wine
 Full bottle 750ml 6,600 yen
・Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
 Mini bottle 200ml 1,100 yen
 Full bottle 750ml 3,630 yen

・ Various cocktails from 935 yen
 * Please consult with the staff

・ Various whiskeys from 880 yen
 * There is a separate list

◆SOFT DRINKS 550 yen and up
・Smoothie made with freshly picked blueberries grown in Koajiro (limited time only)
・ Homemade lemonade
・ Coffee (hot ice)
・ Tea (hot ice)
・ Cafe au lait (hot ice)
·Orange juice
・ Mango juice
・ Guava juice
·Ginger ale
·Oolong Tea
・ San Pellegrino (with gas)
・ Acqua Panna (without gas)

[Limited time]
Raised in Koajiro
Freshly picked blueberry smoothie

"COSTA COFFEE" is a coffee brand that originated in England.
You can also take out, so please give us a shout.

 ・ Espresso 550 yen
 ・ Original blended coffee (hot ice) 550 yen
 ・ Mild coffee 550 yen
 ・ Flat white (hot ice) 660 yen
 ・ Café latte (hot ice) 660 yen
 ・ Cappuccino 660 yen

* All listed prices include tax.
* We cannot provide alcoholic beverages to minors and customers who drive a car.

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