We have prepared a plan that is ideal for gatherings of friends and relatives and for gatherings of more than 20 people that can be used in various scenes such as banquets at the company. Enjoy the perfect location, local production for local consumption and dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients.

Number of people

20 people or more to 100 people
Seating up to 60 people
Up to 100 people


Buffet style 1 yen per person

  • The listed price includes tax.
  • An optional free drink plan is also available.
  • Please feel free to contact us for upgrade consultation.
  • The menu is an example. Ingredients and contents may change depending on the season. Please note.

Large parties are also possible in the spacious shop. Please enjoy the local production for local consumption


[Buffet style] 4,400 yen ~

Appetizer, fish, meat, dessert, coffee, etc. 11 dishes
Miura local fish carpaccio / cold roast pork / assorted raw ham and salami / Caesar salad of Miura vegetables / small shrimp with chili mayo nuts / frit mist / chef's whimsical pasta / sautéed fresh fish Anchovy scented sauce / Hawaii antikin roast / beef Taliata Garlic Rice / Desert Assortment

[Buffet style] 7,150 yen ~

Appetizer, fish, meat, dessert, coffee, etc. 12 dishes
Incorporation of Miura Chicken Fish / Cold Roast Beef & Roast Pork / Caprese of Prosciutto and Fruit Tomato / Caesar Salad of Miura Vegetables and Chicken Breast / Marinated Smoked Salmon and Miura Vegetables / Assorted Salami and Cheese / Frit Mist / Chef Pasta 2 types / Aqua Pazza of Miura Seafood / BBQ Style Soft Pork Spare Rib / Specially Selected Beef Tagliata Garlic Rice / Dessert Assort


<Unlimited Beverage Plan=""></all-you-can-drink>
・ All-you-can-drink soft drink plan 1 yen (tax included) per person
<Menu> Orange juice / Oolong tea / Coke

・ All-you-can-drink alcoholic drink plan 1 yen (tax included) per person
<Menu> Bottled beer / Red wine / White wine / Whiskey / Shochu / Orange juice / Oolong tea / Coke


  • <weekdays>One free drink (or four additional cocktail menu applies for guests who book unlimited alcohol plan)</weekdays>


Please reserve a table by telephone or online booking from below "reservation" button.
*Please make a reservation at least one week in advance for all tables of 10 people or more and confirm the final number of your group. (please let us know 1 days before for the change of 1 people)
* Cancellation rates will be incurred as following<br>2% 1 - 50 days in advance / 100% on the day