An affordable plan that includes a "nature cruise" that comes true because it is a restaurant in the Seabornia Marina and delicious meals.

Event Dates

During business hours *excluding our regular holidays


Lunch 1 person / 1,650 yen ~ (tax included)
Dinner 1 person / 3,300 yen ~ (tax included)

* A cruise fee will be charged separately.

Day cruise 1 person / 6,600 yen ~ (tax included)
Sunset cruise 1 person / 8,800 yen ~ (tax included)  
For more information, please contact us by phone. (046-882-1216)


meal menu

Lunch Seabornia rice / salad
Dinner appetizer / fish dishes / bread / dessert / coffee

Tips and notes

  • Cruise may not be able to depart in bad weather


Apply by phone or from the reservation form on the homepage.