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■ May limited recommended menu

~ This month's fish dish ~
Cold Meuniere Lemon / Olive Sauce Bread or Rice ¥ 2,420

~ This month's meat dish ~
Roast duck gravy sauce bread or rice 2,420 yen

~ This month's fresh pasta ~
Spear squid and rapeseed pasta Tomato and squid ink sauce 1,980 yen

* From the left of the photo

■ Recommended dessert

-For a limited time-

Yuzu tart with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream 1,100 yen

-Sold all year-

Affogato (espresso vanilla ice cream) 880 yen

◆ Recommend ◆ Seabornia Rice

◆ Recommend ◆ Seabornia Rice

■ A la carte

・Seabornia rice 2,420 yen
  Traditional seabonia rice with seafood pilaf and Americaine sauce
 Our specialty seafood plate "Seabornia Rice"

・ Bouillabaisse Marseille-style bread or rice 3,300 yen
 Bouillabaisse and rice or bread

・ Hayama beef 100% hamburger pepper gravy sauce (low temperature cooking) bread or rice 3,300 yen
 Hamburg steak with HAYAMA beef and rice or bread

・ Seafood curry with seafood 2,200 yen
 Seafood curry rice

・ Aged pork cutlet curry 2,420 yen
 Pork cutlet curry rice

・ Raw meat bolognese pasta 1,980 yen
 Meat sauce Pasta

・ Seabornia Clubhouse Sandwich (BLT) 1,870 yen
 Seabornia clubhouse sandwich

・ Shrimp avocado salsa sauce and soft shell crab sandwich ¥ 2,200
 Shrimp avocado salsa sauce and shell club sandwich

・ Today's soup 550 yen
 Seasonal soup

・ Onion gratin soup (homemade consomme base) 990 yen
 Onion gratin soup

・ Common octopus ragout Provence style 880 yen
 Common octopus ragout

・ Iberian pork coarsely ground sausage (Bejota) 1,210 yen
 Iberian pork coarsely ground sausage

・Fried chicken 660 yen
 Fried chiken

・ Frit mist 1,100 yen

・Fries potatoes 550 yen
 French fries

・ Miura vegetable Caesar salad 1,100 yen
 Miura vegetable caesar salad

・Miura vegetable pickles 660 yen
 Miura vegetable pickles

・ Seafood ceviche (Yuzu flavor) 800 yen
 Seafood ceviche

・ Assorted prosciutto and cheese 1,760 yen
 Dry-cured Ham & Cheese Assorted

・ Bread or rice 330 yen
 Rice or bread

・ Affogato (espresso vanilla ice cream) 880 yen

・Today's dessert 770 yen
 Today's dessert

・Ice Cream 550 yen
 Vanilla / pistachio

・ [Limited time offer] Yuzu tart with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream 1,100 yen

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 ・ Draft beer (mug) 825 yen 
 ・ Non-alcoholic beer 660 yen

 ・ Glass wine (red / white) 825 yen
 ・ Bottled wine (red / white) 4,950 yen
    * There is a separate wine list

 ·sparkling wine
       Full bottle 750ml 5,500 yen
 ・Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
       Mini bottle 200ml 1,100 yen
       Full bottle 750ml 3,630 yen

 ・ Various cocktails from 935 yen
   * Please consult with the staff

 ・ Various whiskeys from 880 yen
   * There is a separate list

SOFT DRINKS   550 yen ~
 ・ Homemade lemonade
 ・ Coffee (hot ice) 
 ・ Tea (hot ice)
 ・ Cafe au lait (hot ice)
 ·Orange juice
 ・ Mango juice
 ・ Guava juice
 ·Ginger ale
 ·Oolong Tea
 ・ San Pellegrino (with gas)
 ・ Acqua Panna (without gas)

\New appearance/

The coffee brand "COSTA COFFEE", which originated in the United Kingdom, is now available at the Seabornia Clubhouse Restaurant.You can also take out, so please let us know.

 ・ Espresso 550 yen
 ・ Original blended coffee (hot ice) 550 yen
 ・ Mild coffee 550 yen
 ・ Flat white (hot ice) 660 yen
 ・ Café latte (hot ice) 660 yen
 ・ Cappuccino 660 yen

* All listed prices include tax.
* We cannot provide alcoholic beverages to minors and customers who drive a car.