From daily use to special occasions
Experience seasonal gastronomy with outstanding ocean view


à la carte

・Fries potatoes 500 yen
 French fries

・Fried chicken 600 yen
 Fried chiken

・ Fritto Misto 900 yen
 Fritto Misto

・Miura vegetable salad 1,000 yen
 Miura vegetable salad

・ Assorted prosciutto and cheese 1,600 yen
 Dry-cured Ham & Cheese Assorted

・Miura vegetable pickles 600 yen
 Miura Vegetable Pickles

・ Pastrami beef casquette (bucket sandwich) 1,500 yen
 Pastrami beef casse-croute

・ Smoked salmon hot sandwich 1,700 yen
 Smoked salmon Hot sandwich

・ Today's potage 500 yen
 Today's Potage

・ Today's meat dish bread or rice from 2,200 yen
 Today's meat dishes and Rice or Bread

・ Hayama beef stewed in red wine Demiglace sauce bread or rice 2,800 yen
 Hamburg Steak with HAYAMA Beef and Rice or Bread

・ Today's fish dish bread or rice from 2,200 yen
 Today's fish dishes and Rice or Bread

・ Aqua pazza bread or rice with red sea bream and seafood 2,200 yen
 Seafood Aqua pazza and Rice or Bread

・ Today's fresh pasta from 1,800 yen
 Today's pasta

・ Raw meat bolognese pasta 1,800 yen
 Meat sauce Pasta

・ Seafood curry with seafood 2,000 yen
 Seafood curry rice

・ Daisen chicken thigh and roasted vegetable curry 1,800 yen
 Vegetable & chicken curry rice

・ Aged pork cutlet curry 2,000 yen
 Pork cutlet Curry Rice

・Seabornia rice 2,200 yen
 Traditional seabonia rice with seafood pilaf and Americaine sauce
 Our specialty seafood plate "Seabornia Rice"

・ Bread or rice 300 yen
 Rice or Bread

・Today's dessert 700 yen
 Today's dessert

・Ice Cream 500 yen
 Vanilla / pistachio  

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 ・ Draft beer (mug) 750 yen                                       
 ・ Non-alcoholic beer 600 yen                   
 ・ Glass wine (red / white) 750 yen
 ・ Bottled wine (red / white) 4,500 yen
 ・ Hot wine (red) 1,000 yen
   * There is a separate wine list

 ·sparkling wine
       Mini bottle 200ml 1,800 yen
       Full bottle 750ml 5,000 yen
 ・Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
       Mini bottle 200ml 1,000 yen
       Full bottle 750ml 3,300 yen

 ・ Various cocktails from 850 yen
   * Please consult with the staff

 ・ Various whiskeys from 800 yen
   * There is a separate list

SOFT DRINKS   500 yen ~
 ・ Homemade lemonade
 ・ Coffee (hot ice) 
 ・ Tea (hot ice)
 ・ Cafe au lait (hot ice)
 ·Orange juice
 ・ Mango juice
 ・ Guava juice
 ·Ginger ale
 ·Oolong Tea
 ・ Cocoa (hot ice)

 ・ San Pellegrino (with gas)
 ・ Acqua Panna (without gas)