Restaurants and cafes in Aoyama and Ikebukuro, as well as restaurants attached to the marina
Banquet halls at each base are also available at member rates. (Except some)
Please enjoy a variety of gastronomy prepared by the exclusive chef with seasonal ingredients.



The Riviera's hospitality is set in a venue with a variety of tastes.
A dedicated planner will coordinate the party according to the members' wishes.

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Restaurant & Cafe

Fresh seafood, finest meats, fresh vegetables and herbs from our own vegetable garden.
The Riviera-style cuisine, which focuses on seasonal ingredients, will color the table.

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When cruising or enjoying a party on board,
Catering service is also available to deliver freshly prepared dishes from the restaurant to the ship.

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We regularly hold hands-on sessions to experience the appeal of The Riviera Resort Club.

1 yen (excluding tax) for 2 people per set
* Additional 1 yen per person (excluding tax) / Maximum of 5,000 people per group

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