We accept assessment of owned real estate free of charge.
After that, we developed a wide range of sales activities based on our network and customer information.
Our experienced staff will help you with the early sale while consulting closely with you.

Flow until completion of sale

STEP1 Consultation, assessment, brokerage contract

Please consult first about how much your real estate can sell.
We will investigate from various angles and make proposals according to the customer's circumstances.
The assessment is free. The contents of the consultation will be kept strictly confidential.
After confirming the details such as the selling price and delivery time, please conclude an intermediary contract.

STEP2 Sales activities and customer information

Creation of sales drawings, posting on the Internet, posting on the company's homepage,
Utilizing our unique network, we will develop a wide range of sales activities.
We will report the progress and guidance results at any time.

STEP3 Buyer's application, adjustment of contract conditions, conclusion of sales contract

We will receive a purchase application from the buyer, adjust the price, delivery time, etc., and conclude a real estate sales contract.
After the conclusion, the buyer prepares for the loan procedure, and the seller prepares for the mortgage elimination procedure.

STEP4 Moving and balance settlement

Complete the move in advance, register the transfer of ownership at the same time
Then, the keys are handed over and the delivery of the property is completed.



  • Q

    Do I have to sell if I request an assessment?


    It is the seller who decides whether or not to sell based on the assessed price.
    We will propose and support in various forms according to the circumstances of the seller.
    It doesn't matter if you are considering selling in the future. Please do not hesitate to consult us as it is strictly confidential.

  • Q

    Do I have to keep my property key?


    If you are resident, you do not need to do anything.
    In the case of an unoccupied house, we recommend that you leave it to us.
    We will keep the key responsibly and guide you through the property in the presence of the person in charge.

  • Q

    I don't want to know my neighbors, can I sell without advertising?


    It is possible to sell without advertising.
    We have a large number of registered customers who wish to purchase, so we can quickly introduce the property.
    It is also possible for us to purchase directly.

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