“I want to experience resort life” “I want to taste the owner”
We have a wide variety of rental properties that satisfy such customers' wishes.
It is also recommended for those looking for a second house as a base for enjoying their hobby marine sports.

Riviera Zushi Marina

An excellent location overlooking Mt. Fuji over the open sea, surrounded by the shimmering sea of ​​Shonan. Riviera Zushi Marina is a comprehensive leisure resort for adults who love the sea. We propose a variety of marine life that can be enjoyed by cruiser owners and even those who do not own a ship. A new adventure begins in a blue world away from everyday life, about 60 minutes by car from the city center.


5-23-9, Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa 249-0008, Japan


[Customers who arrive by train or bus]
Buses are available from Kamakura Station East Exit of JR Yokosuka Line, Zushi Station East Exit of JR Yokosuka Line, and Shin-Zushi Station North Exit of Keihin Electric Express.

[Customers coming by car]
Daisan Keihin or Metropolitan Expressway Yokohane Line ⇒ Yokohama Shindo ⇒ Go to Yokohama Yokosuka Road toward Yokosuka, get off at Asahina IC ⇒ Riviera Zushi Marina
Exit the Metropolitan Expressway / Yokohama IC ⇒ Take the Hodogaya Bypass toward Yokosuka and exit the Asahina IC ⇒ Riviera Zushi Marina


Riviera Seabornia Marina

There is the luxury of leaving the city a little away from the city and extraordinary. Riviera Seabornia Marina has long been a leading marine resort in Japan. The warmest climate at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula, the surrounding forest of Koajiro, deep water and calm waves. Enjoy a variety of marine leisure at one of the most eastern harbors, boasting the best views and natural conditions, and resorts like adult hideaways.


Koajiro1286, Misaki-machi, Miura, Kanagawa 238-0225, Japan


[Customers who arrive by train or bus]
From Shinagawa Station to Misakiguchi Station, about 65 minutes by Keikyu Limited Express and about 80 minutes by Keikyu Limited Express.
Buses are available from Misakiguchi Station.

[Customers coming by car]
The nearest IC is Kinugasa IC.
Dai-ni Keihin or Metropolitan Expressway Yokohane Line ⇒ Yokohama Shindo ⇒ Take the Yokohama Yokosuka Road toward Yokosuka and get off at Kinugasa IC ⇒ Turn left at Miura Jikkei Expressway, forest entrance ⇒ Turn right at Route 134 ⇒ turn right at Aburatsubo entrance for 5 minutes ⇒ Riviera Seabornia Marina

Currently, there are no rental properties.

Shonan area

Currently there are no rental properties