The most comfortable space suitable for your lifestyle.
We will propose a renovation with a free plan so that we can respond to any request.
Professional staff is always available, so please feel free to contact us anytime.

Remodeling flow

Want to spend precious time in a comfortable space, want to live a comfortable and rich life,
We can help you create a space that fits your lifestyle and your lifestyle.
We provide a free plan so that any request can be realized as much as possible.
We propose a plan with originality. First, please tell us your story.

Remodeling example

Before and after construction


The question that is common in

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    Furniture etc. are arranged in the room. Is it possible to remodel as it is?
    Also, I cannot attend during the construction period, but what should I do?


    Depending on the situation, it is possible to work with the furniture as it is. Please consult us.
    During the construction period, our renovation staff will be responsible for on-site responses.
    We will also send the construction progress by e-mail.

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    I'm worried about mold. Is there any good way?


    Mold is an annoying thing that worsens your health, as well as those with allergies.
    At our company, we obtain a finishing material that reduces mold and moisture by our own route and make it reasonable for everyone
    We offer. In addition, we install machine to remove mold and virus by special method,
    We propose a plan that makes full use of local knowledge and wisdom.

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    The screen is off, the sash window is too hard to move. Is there any good way?


    In the case of the “sash cover method” currently performed by our company, two sash windows can be opened in one day.
    You can change it to a new sash. Please contact us for the price, as we are confident that we will not lose.

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