Not only those who live in apartments, but also before and after use as a second house,
Professional staff is available for house cleaning upon request.

House cleaning plan

This is a one-time cleaning plan before and after using the room.
We will clean every corner from the entrance to the veranda.

* Charges and cleaning times vary depending on the size of the room.    


Floor plan

Usage fee (once)



36,000 Yen



48,000 Yen



60,500 Yen



73,000 Yen

Afterstay service plan

Comfortable when you come back. Annual cleaning plan.
Keep your room clean, whether you use it a lot or in the winter when you don't use it often.

Size: 60㎡

Number of use

Basic charge

Usage fee (cleaning when leaving)


Month 0 times

12,000 Yen

5,000 Yen

17,000 Yen

Month 1 times

12,000 Yen

6,000 Yen

18,000 Yen

Twice a month (2% off)

12,000 Yen

10,800 Yen

22,800 Yen

3 times a month (15% off)

12,000 Yen

15,300 Yen

27,300 Yen

4 times a month (20% off)

12,000 Yen

19,200 Yen

31,200 Yen


Spot cleaning plan

This is a one-time cleaning plan.
A cleaning professional will thoroughly remove dirt.


12,000 Yen


12,000 Yen


8,000 Yen


10,000 Yen

One window glass

1,200 Yen

Air conditioner cleaning

Unpleasant smells or poor performance are due to dirt inside the air conditioner.
Disassemble and clean the inside of the air conditioner that you cannot touch at home. Thoroughly removes mold and dust that cause unpleasant smell.

Wall mount type

1 unit 13,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

Ceiling embedded type

1 unit 23,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

The outdoor unit

1 yen per vehicle (excluding tax)

*Please contact us for cleaning, garden maintenance, house trouble support, and renovation.

Inspection window opening (ventilation) service plan

It is a plan to perform regular inspection and ventilation of the house, such as around the water and interior, once a month.
Avoid various damages and prevent major repairs.

Once a month

500 yen (6,000 yen per year)

  • The number can be increased on request.

  • All prices are tax-excluded.

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