`` Zushi Marina Pet Festa 2019 '' supports the `` rich life of people and pets '' through Events as part of the Riviera's initiative `` Riviera Future Creation Project '', `` Protecting, shining life, expanding and joy of living '' It was held with the aim of transmitting a better symbiotic society through catchphrases.
Introducing the collaboration project with Ukulele Picnic, Zushi Marina Pet Festa 2019 held at 24 March 2019th Sun.

Some of the events that will be held include cruising that can be enjoyed with pets and
There was a discipline class, trimming, etc., and I spent a time that I could not usually experience with pets.

Zushi Marina Pet Festa is a collaboration project with “Ukulele Picnic,” which celebrated the XNUMXth anniversary of her birth at Zushi Marina. KONISHIKI and other artists held a charity concert on the outdoor stage.

Initiatives with Kanagawa Prefecture
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