The vast site is dotted with a wide variety of elaborate facilities.
The scenery that changes its expression depending on the time of day, from daytime full of light to golden sunset, is also attractive.
You can shoot in various situations.


Seaside Chapel Riviera & Seaside Chapel Terrace

270 degrees, surrounded by the sea on three sides
Bold and creative glass chapel

The space where the contrast between the abundant white wood and glass is beautiful is a stand-alone shovel surrounded by the sea that shines at 270 degrees. The ceremony scene is like two people floating in the sea, as it is located at one of the most prominent seas in the marina. The colorful flower shower is also beautifully reflected in the chalk appearance.


Seaside Garden Riviera

Bright color contrast
Green garden that shines in ocean blue

Under the sunny sky, the endless blue sea and wide grass. A unique feeling of freedom like no other. White gazebo, glass chapel. Two-story guest house in chalk, well maintained pool. All of these are connected to a garden facing the sea, so you can fully enjoy the splendor of the open air.


Seaside pool

Seabirds playing with the smoke of the waves
Directing a poolside moment

The well-maintained pool is adjacent to guesthouses, chapels and gardens throughout the year. Open seascape, the blessings of the sun, the clear air, elegant space. You can create a scene just like a foreign movie on a beautiful shore full of many charms.


Terrace Horizon

A modern guesthouse that shines brightly white with a luxurious ocean view

Guest House "Crystal Villa" on 2 floors. The second floor, Terrace Horizon, is an open venue with a terrace overlooking the horizon and overlooking Mt. Fuji and Oshima. A space like a beachside house will produce any scene wonderfully.


Ocean Suite

A modern guest house that shines particularly brightly against the vast poolside facing the sea

Guest House "Crystal Villa" on 2 floors. The first floor venue, "Ocean Suite", is connected to the large pool facing the sea and is an open venue. A space like a beachside house will produce any scene wonderfully.


Ristorante AO Zushi Marina

White pier floating in the blue sea
A little adult's praise starts here

Restaurant where approach like pier is impressive. The restaurant has a bar with a chic dome-shaped ceiling and wooden counter in the lobby with relaxing sofas. The special seats overlooking the horizon of cobalt and the romantic sunsets are a relaxing space for adult time.


Aqua Garden

Boasting a garden overlooking the sea
A wonderful venue surrounded by the sea on all sides

"Aqua Garden" is a party venue facing the sea next to the restaurant. In the lush private garden that continues from the venue, the garden party wrapped in the brilliant sun and sea breeze shines wonderfully. It is a wonderful shooting spot surrounded by the sea on three sides, where you can enjoy the smoky morning sun and the expression of the sea dyed in orange sunset.



Wrapped in the nature of Sagami Bay
Marina, a pioneer in Japan

This yacht harbor is located in the center of the marina and can accommodate 360 ​​boats on the sea and land. A port charter for shooting is also possible, which will help you create a powerful scene at the venue. On a clear day, the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji clearly emerges, creating an impressive scene.



Ocean blue, Tayang orange
A vast terrace that shines in every scene

The venue is inspired by a luxury cruiser, where the sunshine shines through large glass windows. Behind the window is a vast wooden deck terrace facing the sea, an attractive point that can be taken not only for refreshing daytime shooting against the blue sea, but also for nighttime shooting against the dramatic Tayang background is.


Blue vista

A natural light-filled space based on blue and white
A spacious and open terrace

Overlooking Mt. Fuji and Enoshima, this is the most sophisticated venue created by the best of the Riviera Group. It consists of three spaces: a mysterious ceremony space as if overlooking the sky full of light from the deep sea, a dining room full of luxury, and a vast wooden deck terrace. A sophisticated space suitable for producing a variety of scenes as well as beautiful sunset scenes.


Riviera Broza

Cafes full of tropical resort feeling are popular
Also equipped with goods shop and changing room

An information building with a cafe boasting an open terrace and a souvenir shop. The spacious central waiting space is a popular space that can also be used as an event base.


Tennis court

There are also authentic tennis courts that produce national levels

The tennis court is an authentic school that uses an omni court made of sand mixed with artificial turf. You can feel the sea breeze comfortably.

14. Ron Herman cafe

Ron Harman Cafe

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