A location like an overseas resort that can be reached in about 60 minutes from the city center
`` Riviera Zushi Marina '' where you can shoot while cruising with the blue sea and green garden, various spaces



"Riviera Zushi Marina" boasts a number of filming experiences, including movies, television, magazines, commercials, and PVs.
The best location surrounded by the sea and the beautiful lawn garden throughout the year is one of the attractions,
Shooting with natural light is also possible in spaces such as chapels, guest houses, and restaurants.
This is why we can perfectly arrange offshore locations, including the use of ships anchored at the harbor.
The dedicated staff who knows the site will coordinate the work, so please leave it with confidence.




Women's fashion magazine

  • Shogakukan `` Precious '' `` Domani '' `` Oggi '' `` Aesthetic '' `` CanCam ''
  • Kobunsha "JJ" "VERY" "STORY" "CLASSY"
  • Kodansha "Vivi" "With"
  • Shueisha "non-no" "LEE"
  • Takarajimasha “In Red” “Sweet”
  • Gentosha "GINGER"
  • Kadokawa Haruki Office `` Beauty Hundred Flowers ''
  • Housewife's friend "Ray"
  • Hearst Women's Pictorial Company "25ans"

Men fashion magazine

  • KK bestseller "SENCE"
  • Hinode Publishing "Safari" "Fine"
  • Lighthouse Media "Oceans"
  • Hearst Women's Gaho-sha "MEN'S CLUB"
  • Housewife and life company "LEON"


  • Fuji Television "san-taku"
  • The movie "That's Toriko."
  • Yuzu "Muscat" PV
  • NHK "Gogo Nama"
  • Nippon Television "Clear" "Hirnandes!"
  • Fuji TV "Nijiiro Gene" "Let me be called my father-in-law" "There is a favorite person"
  • TV Asahi "Sumikasumire" "Jun walk"
  • TV TOKYO “Lunch Trip”
  • TOKYO MX "Uchimura Sama-zu"
  • CM Mitsubishi Motors "Outlander"
  • CM KIRIN "Cola Shock"
  • CM Kao "NIVEA"
  • Movie "Hot Road"
  • Movie "Strobe Edge"
  • Movie "Terrace House Closing Door"
  • Movie "Cry 100 times"
  • Movie `` Aibo Movie Version 2 ''
  • PV SKY-HI "Nanairo Holiday"
  • PV Hyadyne "Samba de Toriko !!"

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