Mooring berth installation costs

Meeting (set by boat type)

10-20 yen * Consumables

Boating fee


15,000 yen / year (excluding consumption tax)

Fishery promotion gold

(Fishery compensation)

50,000 yen / year (excluding consumption tax)

Deposit deposit

10 yen (no interest, return when unsubscribed)

* If there is any unpaid money for the boat storage fee, repair cost, etc., we will apply the facility use deposit.
* The facility use deposit (deposit) will be returned within 3 months after withdrawal.

<About docking and buoys>

The following fees will be charged for boats that have been requested to work on “boat” or “buoy”.

  • 30Feet or less 2,500 yen
  • 30Feet or more 3,500 yen
  • 45Feet or more 4,500 yen

<Other notes>

○ The length of the boat is measured in actual dimensions, including the palpit and transom steps.

○ The boating fee is an annual boating contract from April 1st to March 31st the following year. However, we will calculate on a monthly basis in the following cases.* If you bring in after September 1st, we will calculate on a monthly basis.

○ Although we are responsible for damage to the boat under management, we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the use of the owner or natural disasters or force majeure.

○ We recommend that you purchase "Fengsui disaster-guaranteed insurance with special provisions" (private benefits for members).

○ In the case of withdrawal, please submit a "withdrawal notice".